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Comment backups, backups, backups (Score 1) 247

If you're talking about recovery tools, you're already on the wrong track. A Time Capsule costs $300. How much is your data worth? How much are the tools going to cost to recover it? How much is your time worth? I'll bet that the sum of those last three things is a whole pile more than 300 bucks.

If I were you, the thing I'd buy right now is a good backup solution. Re: your existing data, take a full image of your hard disk and take your time recovering it.

Once you've new backup system, you can then sit there with a big smile on your face and comment smugly on all future /. posts about data loss.

Have I lost data? Hell yeah. And it will never happen again.


Comment backups and backups of backups (Score 1) 304

zfs or hardware raid on all servers. bacula for all MS windows systems and all servers which are switched on most of the time. Apple Time Capsules for all the macs. regular backups of all phones. auto-sync of all address-book and calendar info over icloud.

as you ask, why yes, i have lost data in the past due to lack of backups. ain't gonna happen again.


Submission + - UK Mandates Sexual Consent Forms (attractedtochildren.org)

Brian Ribbon writes: The UK's Ministry of Justice has announced plans to criminalise sexual activity without possession of a permission slip from the Home Office, a justice minister explained on Thursday. In order to receive permission to engage in sexual activity, a person must complete a form providing intimate details about their lives and a description of the sexual acts which will take place.

Submission + - Europe's space agency wants to do what NASA can't (networkworld.com)

coondoggie writes: The European Space Agency is moving forward with a plan to land an autonomous spacecraft on the moon by 2017, with the idea a manned vehicle could land there sometime in the future. It's a mission NASA had on its roadmap before the current budget debate, but such plans seem doomed now. The ESA is now seeking proposals for a Lunar Lander that would land on the south polar region of the Moon where possible deposits of water ice, heavily cratered terrain and long periods of sunlight make it ripe for explorers and scientists, the agency stated.
The Internet

Submission + - RIPE to revoke all IPv4 addresses in Europe (ripe.net)

An anonymous reader writes: RIPE, the organisation which co-ordinates Internet addresses in Europe and the Middle East, has announced plans to take back all IPv4 addresses it's assigned over the last 20 years so that they can be re-assigned more fairly. Citing concerns about address hoarding and wasteage, it believes that with appropriate new allocation policies, there should be enough IPv4 addresses for everyone, making the recent panic about moving towards IPv6 completely unnecessary.

Submission + - Midnight Commander 5.0 turns to Mono

jjohn_h writes: Midnight Commander was taken over by a group of young Russians two years ago. 'Taken over' means that they just appropriated the trade mark and developed the code. In the meantime a couple of programmers in E. Europe and Germany have joined the team but the status of the project has not changed. Unclear it was, unclear it is. Founding father and official maintainer Miguel de Icaza was silent on the trade mark issue and appears rarely on the mailing list http://mail.gnome.org/archives/mc-devel/ But now an experimental release 5.0 is out http://www.midnight-commander.org/ and it is a Mono application with a little README from Miguel stating: >>> This is a C# version of the Midnight Commander that I am using as a testbed for Mono-Curses. Do we have to look at the calendar? If it is serious, is MC's end nigh?

Submission + - Microsoft Settles Nevada Tax Dodge w Wash. State (crosscut.com)

reifman writes: Microsoft has settled its thirteen year, billion dollar Nevada tax dodge, by agreeing to contribute funds to rebuild the 520 floating bridge and renovating the Seattle Center, home of the 1960 World's Fair. 520, the world's longest floating bridge, is 47 years old and badly in need of replacement. Critics say Microsoft's privatization of the commons at Seattle Center is just another sweetheart deal for the state's most profitable company. The deal could yet be killed if the controversial fountain design is not approved by the city's landmarks preservation board.

Comment upgrade? (Score 1) 433

So, given that upgrades from windows 2.0 to windows 3.0 were never supported, windows 3.1 to windows 95 didn't work at all, windows 95 to windows 98 mostly didn't work; windows 98 to XP was a fail city and XP to vista was disasterous, why on earth does anyone expect windows vista to windows 7 to have any chance of working?

Seriously, what person in their right mind would even _attempt_ an upgrade?

Comment Not ireland's oldest ISP (Score 1) 169

Eircom are not ireland's oldest ISP. They started operations as an ISP in 1996 (or in 1995 as Indigo, which they later bought out) and at the time, there were several other operators in the market: eunet ireland (the oldest commercial), ireland online, heanet (nren), connect ireland and internet eireann.

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