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Comment Re:Distortion on distortion (Score 1) 271

When using fx boxes to emulate other hardware, you always want a high-power, distortion-free system that can reproduce exactly what it is fed. This way, when you employ "fuzzbox v.1.9" or "fender jazzman-ish rev 6", or the former feeding into the latter, they sound like those things, instead of those things plus new grunge.

This is typical for studios; the repro system is pristine. Because you always what to hear what's there, not what's there plus something the end listener won't hear, and because as I said earlier, no general *music* repro system should be operating in a regime where it is adding distortion -- because that sucks.

There are plenty of high-power, low-noise solutions that allow emulation to do exactly what it was designed to do. You just have to be savvy enough to pick them instead of that Marshall stack you always drooled over...

Comment Open source version of siri / echo (Score 5, Informative) 183

The answer is MyCroft

I plan on buying one of these the very soonest I can once they are actually shipping the hardware. Echo is crippled by the many limitations Amazon coded in on purpose -- it's basically something that looks up text matches and does something if it finds one. No language parsing worth a damn. Even so, it's very useful, and within those limits, you can make stuff for it, Amazon's pretty open about it as long as you can set up a secure server (ugh) or use their cloud (double-ugh.) Siri, as per usual for Apple, is a much more closed system, and frankly, it's of no interest at all to me because of that.

Mycroft is completely open source. I have very high hopes for it because of that. I have reams of my own natural language processing code I should be able to plug right in the moment there is a speech-to-text engine I can use directly. Others do as well. Custom apps in the home space, that are actually somewhat smarter than...

[if string == "turn on light" then TurnOnLight]

I suggest everyone check MyCroft out. Perhaps you'll be as enthused as I. I can hope. ;)

Comment You have to (Score 1) 112

You have to keep passwords written somewhere because stupid sysadmins have such insane password rules and retention times that no-one could possibly remember them. In theory word documents are at lest better than post-its because they COULD have some access control.

The tighter you squeeze, sysadmins, the more systems will slip through your fingers.

Comment Re: So basically... (Score 2) 633

You have got to be joking. Swap in "Jews" for "Deplorables" and Hillary would be every bit a "hitler", if it were not so absurd comparing wanting to control immigration rather than letting it occur with no oversight, to mass slaughter of humans. Even if you tried to compare mass deportation, you can't even get close because you are comparing someone sent to Mexico with someone being packed on a train and sent to a gas chamber! Do you realize how foolish and un-believeable you sound? The fact that you and other liberals really believe that down in your heart is why you are turning so many independent voters against you. Trump says some reasonable things, you claim he's hitler and that's all she wrote for believing a word you say.

Comment That's a stupid plan (Score 1) 49

how often do home hard drives fail?

They only need to fail once for something you have no copy of...

Also I am pretty sure they fail 100% of the time your laptop is stolen and/or there's a fire in your house that melts your HD. Are you saying houses do not catch on fire? That laptops are never stolen?

Your plan is lunacy. Backups aren't about any one unlikely thing, they are about a world of unlikely possibilities weighed against the loss of many things (even if virtual) that are literally irreplaceable.

does the average user still need "cloud backup"

The "average user" needs those things more because they do not have as deep an understanding of what will and will not be lost if the device breaks or vanishes.

Comment Re:I don't see the problem (Score 1) 256

Maybe a smidgen of income and property taxes, sales/use taxes will be collected at the SOS, Secretary of State's office, when you register it. Importing a foreign car (out of state or out of country) isn't that big of a deal, they even wave some taxes or fees once in a lifetime for out of country imports.

Comment Gary Johnson is a sane alternative (Score 1) 847

I'm proposing only that Clinton is a horrid person to vote for, that many seem to be supporting only because she is a Democrat and a woman, otherwise they would demand vociferously and at length that she be jailed (were she a Republican).

That said Gary Johnson is an excellent choice to vote for if for either Democrat or Republican that does not like their own candidate. Or there's always the green party, but that's just silly (apologies to you Green supporters, but that's how I see it this year).

I vote for Johnson is not a vote for Trump or a vote for Clinton. It is a vote for sanity. The government you get depends on what you vote for, if you keep voting for less and less sane choices do not expect a sane ruling class to magically materialize.

Comment Re: these new companies trying to get around old (Score 1) 256

These laws are silly. Just like how it would be silly to make laws to stop Apple from selling products directly to customers and only go through stores like Best Buy.

Most likely it depends on how you define Apple, My suspicion is the store are a wholly owned subsidiary corporation, and manufacturing is a owned subsidiary corporation as well, so legally they are two separate entities, what would stop Apple Stores, would stop Best Buy as well. It would be like telling Ford they can't sell cars in Michigan because I own stock in both Ford and GM!

Additionally it would be stupid for Tesla not to incorporate any stores in the states they are in because foreign corporations are at an disadvantage legally, it would be trivial for Tesla to draw up the legal agreements Michigan requires for franchised dealer, but Tesla doesn't want to be a franchised dealer, they only want to sell cars and the two aren't the same thing.

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