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Comment Shame (Score 5, Insightful) 86

Which is really a pity - they are probably one of the last producers of phones with changeable batteries and sd card slot. My LG G3 is 2.5 years old and still going strong as day 1.

They have succumb to the trend set by (also failed) Google ARA project which made no sense to start with.

If anybody from the LG is reading this: keep doing what you were doing, only "modular" thing needed on the phone are battery and memory card. Keep the headphone jack, keep the excellent build quality and do as minimal changes as you must to the original android UI.

There is a lot of us that don't want flashy gimmicks with money to spend and less and less options to choose. Be smart.

Comment Re:What benefit are we missing? (Score 1) 277

These guys are onto something, but you are looking at it the wrong way - the point is not in the "solar" part, but in the "roadway" part.

Look at it this way - road technology plainly suck:

a) Potholes. They cause damage to vehicles, discomfort to the ride and when danger to the general traffic. Even when semi-skilled workers fix them they still leave uneven level and often inferior type of asphalt that is more prone to wear&tear so after some time you are back to square one. With the solar road you pop the panel out, put in the new one and you are done, and is has exact same characteristics as rest of the road

b) Weather. It can be rain that is not drained properly, snow & ice that are not cleared from the road or heat in combination with heavy vehicles that dissolves the asphalt into trenches, the road changes its main form making it dangerous to drive. Imagine designing the solar panels with proper drainage points, heating panels and general structure that can accomodate temperature changes so it doesnt change structure

c) Horizontal signalization. You always have a tedious job of repainting the roads and even then the signalization that you make is static. Now, add couple of LEDs and you can add much superior signalization to a bucket of paint; further on a little bit of programming and your road can have dynamic purpose that would change during rush-hours, traffic accidents, road words and so on

I believe it is a matter of time before we see these "modular" blocks that will make our roads. Adding solar panels is just an added bonus for environmental and even more, marketing part

Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 48

Music? Online Radio satisfies me fully.

...which increase the number of listeners on the radio, which increases the price of any ads that they put in the program and money back to artists through IP.

And not to mention any concert tickets you might buy.

Comment Re:that's the way to go (Score 2) 30

I agree.

How much CPUs/RAM/megapixels do you really need in a phone? How much apps do you actually use? The market is quickly becoming saturated.

But the phone that takes security seriously? I see a nice piece of pie in the business market that Blackberry is losing with each day, and Apple and Google will not be able to fill,

Comment Re:I quit buying Samsung (Score 1) 220

Apple has much better control of the manufactured hardware since they are making it; so it is pretty easy for them to support with newer versions of the OS; hardware is good but it comes with "apple tax"

What I believe is that it comes down to if you are willing to dive in the Apple ecosystem with all its advantages and disadvantages.

Which is up to you. I just know that I don't want to.

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