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The Internet

Journal Journal: Free email providers going down fast

Aww i just found out that my long time email service provider subdimensions is closing down. Tooooo.... Bad....

and the reason is quite _STUPID_

Their ISP closed their service dew to unacceptible spam originating from them. Its a real shame :(

and no other good pop3 service providers around, i guess i will have to rely on other means (my office email severs, home servers etc.)


Journal Journal: XPde whats the point?

Saw the XPde update on the Slashdot I frankly don't get it why people waste time mimicking things if u love it so much why not just use windows.

Ok ok... i found few(thousand ?) reasons myself :)

Good efforts from Xpde people anyway i just hope they don't get in trouble with the M$ patents.


Journal Journal: AC 97 codec (82801DB )and alsa drivers

Ah ! finally i got the dammn sound card on my new P4 motherboard working. It was AC97 (oh i hate those integrated chipsets) on intel motherboard. The trick was alsa drivers don't work out of the box. but u have to unmute the master and pcm and headphone volumes with _alsamixer_ or _amixer_ only. OSS mixers don't work.

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