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Comment Re:Copyrighting APIs (Score 1) 106

Actually copyright does not work like patents.

You have to prove that the accused actually did wilful act of copying the copyrighted material (or at least accuse can to disprove it). If accused can prove that they came up with it completely on their own they are not infringing a copyright. Which can be easily done by sharing a git log of a particular software project showing from start to end one wrote the entire thing and its evolution to its current form (if it indeed was developed in house and completely free of copyright infringements).

In Google Vs Oracle google admitted to copying from get go. Their argument was they thought it was OK to do so.

Also to claim damages you will need proof of lost income, which in your case will be zero or the penalties will be really small ones.

Comment Re:Please explain, how is court ignored? (Score 1) 205

as the order to block the 800 odd sites is a court issued order not a government issued one (yes the government would have made the case for it).

Not really. Its a Department of Telecom order not a court order. DoT has unparalleled supreme power on all communications that happen inside India under its barbaric ancient telecom laws.

Comment Re:Please explain, how is court ignored? (Score 1) 205

The court did not actually said no one can block/ban porn sites. It said as current law of land stands it has no provision to block such content and refused to pass an order to ban porn. It did indeed add a comment saying this is for the government to decide and legislate for. Under some authority given to Department Of Telecom under ancient (read british origin) telecom law, the DoT passed an order to block content it deemed harmful. As such these orders have validity of few years till govt passes a legislation either canceling or upholding/modifying them.

Comment Re:Biometrics are usernames, not passwords (Score 3, Informative) 81

Well you got it wrong.

Currently the ration card system we have is you buy your subsidized stuff (food, fuel) at govt stores and govt pays the trader. Huge chance of fraud and corruption.

What adhar allows is even poor to have an unique identity (UID) verified by the govt. This very improtnantly enables them to get a bank account linked to your UID which is impossible today for the nomads and the below poverty line people since they don't have passports or driving licenses.

The next stage of the process is that the poor now buy their food on open market and govt directly deposits all the subsidies available diectly to their adhar linked bank account. All the middle men are trashed and window of corruption is a LOT less. Also there is electronic paper trail should a fraud occur. And yes there will be fraud since nothing in the world is full proof and completely secure. But its leps and bounds better than what is going on today.

Comment It seems the trend is more general (Score 3, Informative) 206

I over heard in the local telecom office here in Pune, India there will be no more printed directory here either. The last one we got is three years old.
BTW the directories in Indian cities were distributed only by the Monopoly telecom BSNL and its Big cities cousin MTNL. With rise of private players in wired as well as the exploded mobile segment in India, the directories were not much of the use anyway. This just puts the death nail in them.

Comment Re:Nothing to see here, move along. (Score 1) 404

How is a corporation going to ask permission to search your residence? I guess we should be glad they asked permission . . .

Why not ? Google is already the KING of search. And they probably already search your house or atleast the part of any slashdotter's house that really matters, his blogs, emails and what not.

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