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Comment 80% accuracy (Score 1) 153

I'm sorry, but the statement

The LMS scientists claim that the software was able to accurately predict patients who would still be alive after a year around 80% of the time

does not have anywhere near the same meaning as

...capable of predicting when patients with a serious heart disorder will die with an 80% accuracy rate

Comment Not quite (Score 5, Insightful) 254

No, he meant what he said by "...want people to be running Windows 10 from a security perspective".

But although he implied that he meant "from the end user's computer security perspective", actually he means "from a Microsoft's future financial security perspective".

Which does include data harvesting, as you point out. But also Win10 is the path to the OS on a subscription model.

Comment What 2 science fiction authors would you recommend (Score 1) 227

Philip Jose Farmer, Jack L Chalker and Larry Niven. You'll find you don't like half the material, but simply appreciate the half you do like.

For series, get the first book from your library. Don't buy the set (used or otherwise) until you've had a bash at the first. For example, you may like PJF's World of Tiers series and hate Riverworld, because the settings are completely different.

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