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Comment objectivity and decent business journalism? (Score 2) 205

Yes. With noise, as has always been the case. And yes again, the style and intensity and focus of the noise shifts with time.
/., for all anybody's criticisms, is still easily filterable by setting the minimum score for comments presented to you.
So set it to 5, and you'll be a bunny of higher happiness.

Comment Class action (Score 2) 198

The purpose of a class action is not to recompense the victims, but to sting the offender a large sum of money so they don't do it again.

It's only worthwhile from the lawyers' perspective if they get paid.

So the choice is to allow the laywers to be paid, or to allow companies to get away with micro bill padding and other nasty activity that isn't worth an individual lawsuit.

Comment DSL is fine (Score 2) 104

I had the same problem. AT&T refused to give me DSL on my AT&T copper line in CA because they had uverse and insisted on that or nothing. So I buy via a 3rd party provider, using AT&T's DSLAM and infrastucture, and actually pay less than AT&T would have charged me for DSL.

The root problem is that the ISPs in USA want to sell their non-ISP services, and price the services accordingly. E.G. Cable + internet is just a few dollars more than internet only.

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