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Comment Tracking (Score 1) 107

This feature, when supported by your network, sends location from your phone to emergency services when you dial an emergency number. This feature is solely for the use of emergency service providers, and your precise location is never seen or handled by Google. It is sent from your handset to emergency services only when you explicitly place an emergency call, either directly or through your mobile network.

So a lookup table matches the outgoing phone number, and sends an SMS or similar to the LUT referenced other number with phone details and location.

Colour me very cynical, but could an NSL or court order force that LUT to include a collection of a suspect's acquaintances for tracking purposes?

Comment At will (Score 1) 3

If you working without a written contract in USA in an At Will (Right To Work) state then there is no notice requirement for either party.

Employers use this to offer severance if you sign some agreement - so sign, no severance.

Employees usually try to be nice, by giving notice. But they don't have to, and it can be used as leverage... if you don't mind it coming up negatively in discussions to a future employee.

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