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Comment Answers here: (Score 1) 1

Per Yves Smith's piece, the passenger has a contractual right to the seat once seated. http://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2017/04/united-passenger-removal-reporting-management-fail.html

See Jon Corbett's piece on why you CAN be removed legally under simple trespassing law: https://professional-troublemaker.com/

The difference between the two arguments is that booting off a seated passenger simply allows retrospective legal redress (for breach of contract), but the airline can do what they like within their property.

Comment It's actually a money issue (Score 1) 67

The big data companies don't want to be forced to give up the data under subpoena or court order.

They want to be able to to sell it to the government instead.

The government won't buy *anything* if they can use the court system to get it for free, or on an actual-cost basis.

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