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Submission + - Game Pirates Complaining About Piracy in Game Development Simulator (

MSojka writes: Greenhart Games asked themselves "What happens when pirates play a game development simulator and then go bankrupt because of piracy?" — and decided to test just this by releasing a slightly modified "cracked" version of their new game Game Dev Tycoon on popular BitTorrent sites. Short version: They complain about the piracy bankrupting them. "Hilarious" doesn't even begin to describe it.

Comment Re:Math (Score 1) 576

Next elections however there will be a third form of uncertainty: feedback loops. If people start really buying into fivethirtyeight predictions, they will react to them to inform their voting. This feedback loop already does exist indirectly with the underlying poll data, but next elections the loop will be much tighter with no guarantees of stability.

Comment Re:Long time Ubuntu User here (Score 1) 798

So you either end up with the GNOME recipe of arbitrary categories ("I just installed a time tracking application! Does it go in Tools or Office? Oh wait, neither: it's a panel widget. Clearly. I'm so stupid."), or the Windows recipe of free for all ("Yeah, let's default the installer to put the shortcut under our company's name. What kind of person would forget PopUpBlocker was made by PlastrolTech?!")

Comment Re:Power users should like usability and ease.... (Score 1) 798

"seems to have fixed almost all of the problems with UAC's implementation"

I really doubt it was UAC that changed much there - what really did change was everything else as it was adjusted to not assume everything runs with admin privileges. Also - nothing game changing? Really? The fucking search box in the start menu is *nothing* new on the table? Every time I have to use WinXP again, I really do long for it.

Windows 7 is just rebranded Windows Vista after everybody had the time to readjust.

"Honestly though I do have to say, there is absolutely no feature in windows 7 that I find a huge improvement over XP"

Search in the windows menu. The new and improved taskbar, and the death of the quicklaunch bar and its abuse. A system tray that's no longer in your face, and no longer abused ("OH HEY! I R RUNNING! BETTER PUT AN ICON THERE!"). Being able to run Windows as a limited user. An actual 64 bits version. A new and improved driver model. Window compositing.

An operative system that wasn't built ten fucking years ago.

What do you want more? Prancing ponies? Telekinesis? Then what is it that WinXP added to the table that Win95 didn't have?

Windows 7 has so many little nice extra touches (like inbuilt support for ISO files), but the above just is a killer deal already.

"it by default eats more resources, it's interface requires a ton of getting used to, but when you're done adjusting to it, you can finally access things at a similar speed as you could before"

You've got to be kidding me. Putting in a simpler version of terminal with smarter tab-completion in the hands of everybody, that IS a massive improvement to looking into a list of application sorted by arbitrary categorization ("I just installed this time tracking tool. Will it be in Accessories? Will it be in Office? is it here in the first place, or is it a panel widget?).

"Oh but I can make shortcuts!" Well it's still more efficient as you don't have to switch to the desktop to activate them! Provided you do know how to switch back to the desktop and manage those pesky windows. "Oh but I'd put them on the panels!" Grats for being the 1%; pinning things to the taskbar (be it Windows 7's or Unity's) is way more easy to make, manage or use - it's more usable.

Also - back to Unity. I really have to wonder what changed performance wise. Unity is a compiz plugin. Ubuntu already did ship with Compiz. So almost all of the graphics legwork is in the GPU, which is barely used on a normal workload anyway. Ubuntu no longer does indexing either (files are entered into the Zeitgeist search system as you open them, AFAIK). What's left to consume more resources?

Comment Re:Missing option (Score 1) 798

"Luckily I figured out I could use the Spotlight-esque search thingie to bring it up, but FUCK... no wonder everyone is complaining."

Pretty much everything is "hidden" behind the Spotlight-esque search thing because the Spotlight-esque search thingie IS the main way to access everything in Unity. And Vista. And Seven. And KDE 4. And GNOME 3. And OS X. And probably iOS too, if iOS had a physical keyboard.

So it's definitely not hidden. Welcome to five years ago, when we realized that listing all the apps in a menu doesn't cut it anymore.

Comment Re:Really guys? Come on!? (Score 1) 798

"Yet if you can show your friends a shiny looking UI they suddenly think your nerd operating system is pretty cool. Wobbly windows and spinning cubes impress people, and people in the community feel the need to impress their friends outside of the community"

And yet, Unity has no burning windows, no spinning cubes, no sparkles, no genies, no wobbly windows.

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