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Comment Re:Good luck with that (Score 1) 162

How many movies? In what release window? will they be in HD? Will my xbox/PS3/blu-ray player support their streaming? Will they mail physical copies of movies that aren't available for streaming to my mailbox within 24-hours? What's the monthly fee?

Until these and many more questions are answered, I wouldn't call them a Netflix competitor at all.

But then again, if they offer international service, I would call them a Netflix killer, regardless of the other (important) question you have raised. Then again, availability most often depends on the studios themselves.

Comment Re:Blood wars (Score 1) 119

My dad got GBS a few years ago, in a very severe form (for 2-3 months he couldn't even breathe by himself). It took him about a year to return home, and he's still not in perfect shape, and never will be - but he can walk, and he can use the computer just fine. So have faith. Also, you didn't "get it" from anywhere - autoimmune disease are not something you can get infected in, it's just that usually another infection is the catalyst.

Submission + - stackoverflow-like gaming Q&A site launched (stackexchange.com)

SecondaryOak writes: As part of the initiative by the guys behind the highly-successful Stack Overflow to create a plethora of Q&A sites on topics other than programming, the gaming Q&A site seems to be gathering momentum. Just 16 days since the start of the private beta and 9 days since it was open to the public, the site has just surpassed the 1000-questions mark. If you ever wondered if it's possible to jump over the flagpole in Super Mario Bros., you might find an answer there.

Submission + - Punctuation aware search engine? (google.com) 3

gumpish writes: As we all know, Google's search engine discards punctuation, making it difficult to get a meaningful signal-to-noise ratio in search results. (For example, try searching for information about Python's all() method.) Unfortunately it seems most major search engines behave the same way. This would seem to imply the existence of a niche just waiting to be filled: a punctuation aware search engine. For certain searches where punctuation really matters (as is often the case when looking for code) I would gladly put up with intrusive ads, mandatory registration, slow processing of my query and a small set of results, because something is better than nothing. Is there a search engine every slashdotter should know about that meets this need?

Comment Re:I had no idea they wanted it! (Score 1) 198

Regarding your subject line: some Israelis would like to be in the EU, some don't. I suspect the majority don't. I don't believe the Israeli government made any official statement about it, and I don't think the EU is particularly interested in that, so most of the discussions about that are hypothetical.

I do recall one idea though, which was for the EU to offer membership to both Israel and a future Palestinian state as an incentive for reaching a solution on the conflict between them. But I don't think such an offer was ever made by an official.

Comment Re:Topsy Turvy World We Live In (Score 1) 198

The article only mentions municipal (local) elections, and not parliamentary ones (national).
Like I said, there are issues today with treatments of some communities and minorities - the shitty unrecognized settlement situation, affecting some Bedouin tribes, being one of them (and it's worse than only lack of municipal elections) - but all citizens do have the right to vote in the national elections, which is what I am stressing.

Comment Re:Topsy Turvy World We Live In (Score 1) 198

I'm not talking about the Palestinians living in Israeli-occupied lands, I'm talking about the Bedouin and the other Israeli Arabs [...] who are prevented from participating in the democratic system [...]

All Israeli citizens are eligible to vote in the parliamentary elections, regardless of sex, religion, ethnicity, etc. There are enough legitimate issues with Israeli-Arabs rights you can complain about without lying.

Comment Re:Someone tagged this FOIA (Score 1) 776

I disagree. I would say it sometimes takes more courage to wage war than to engage in diplomacy. Diplomacy requires almost nothing - not the amount of resources war requires, certainly not the personal sacrifices taken by soldiers and their family members (and that, in turns, affects the public opinion and thus the politicians). Between having a discussion and getting shot at, there's no doubt what's the scarier activity. But sometimes you just need to take risks and stand up for yourself.

I do agree that once hostilities do commence, diplomacy quickly becomes less popular as people just want plain old revenge, and it takes courage from the leaders to face the public opinion and start negotiation. So I'm not actually saying you're wrong, I'm just stressing that many people prefer diplomacy over warfare, and are willing to risk a lot - maybe too much - for that. Sometimes you need the courage to choose the military option, even when you know it means your son might not come back.

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