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Comment Re: We still have to solve the following insanely (Score 1) 198

Frankly by 2075 I think we may only be able to tackle #5 to some extent. Fusion energy, while technologically viable, is not going to happen due to the fact that politicians keep trying to pull funding. I doubt we'll be able to improve batteries or solar cells much by 2075. There is hardly any materials scientists that care about artificial muscle .. so that one's not gonna happen either.

Comment Bloated POS (Score 1) 230

It was a combination of the facts that Adobe didn't have good lawyers and that there weren't neophobic executive types at Apple that could force us to keep using it. I mean that's why Java and Flash stuck around on the browser for so long. Before Steve Jobs was like "hell fuck no" to client side Java and Flash, the browser makers had zero guts to take on the legal and perceived market share ramifications of saying no.

Remember when Microsoft tried to ditch Java they got sued: http://tech-insider.org/java/r...

Yeah so I think Steve Jobs did have a huge role in eating rid of Flash. It was a bold move that started the chain reaction. Basically he showed that you can be successful without it. If anyone at Chrome, I.E., or Firefox would have suggested getting rid of Flash they would have been told by executives that Flash was a leading and popular technology that a lot of people depended on for ads and games and even corporate intranet applications. It sucks, but we do have to give Steve Jobs and the unknown Apple engineer who probably pitched it to him credit where it's due, Flash would still be around if Apple hadn't told Adobe to fuck off.

Comment Re: While its not my cup of tea (Score 5, Interesting) 656

It's fantasy role play. It doesn't mean they actually believe or would act in real life on that stuff. At least I hope not. Not all of them anyway. My guess is if there isn't allowed to be a controlled outlet for a person's needs it would fester until they can't control it. We need people to be able to quasi-experience their harmless fantasies without repercussions or harming others. Where that is not possible we have to provide them with mental health services. Otherwise their brains may scramble even more and they may end up doing something harmful not just to themselves but to others. Hey it sucks but there isn't any other option.

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