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Comment Coincidence? Psychic premonition? (Score 1) 227

Since I ran out of Kit Kat and Ferrero Rochers I actually was eating an Oreo as I scrolled down to this article .. I had to do a double take, I couldn't believe it.

I suppose from your perspective it's a coincidence but from mine it makes me wonder what forces are out there directing my destiny. Maybe the universe is a crazy simulation my rival or even worse myself set up out of boriedom. No, it can't be .. I doubt I would be this bad to myself. Though you never know. Hmm. I better eat another Oreo.

Comment VR (Score 1) 147

4K is useless. The next step for gaming and entertainment is VR (or AR). But for usable VR, which we don't have yet, the display needs to render 3D graphics 6K at 120 fps. Current VR technology (Oculus Rift/HTC Vive) is at 2K at 90fps. Anyway .. my point is that Scorpio which comes out next year is at the minimum even for todays technology, so it's just an incremental update to the Xbox that may be slightly sub par even for today's high end gaming. If we are to have true vomit-free VR, headsets need to incorporate a 6K display running at 120 fps .. which means a 12 teraflop system (double that of Scorpio) is absolutely the MINIMUM required. Microsoft should have waited until 2018 or 2019 when such a GPU would become available.

Comment Are we really going to leave Earth? (Score 1) 289

I would go colonize Mars ASAP if we had the chance. But I'm the exception. I mean other humans can't be bothered to live in places like Antarctica, the Sahara desert, or North Dakota. How do I expect that they are going to colonize Mars? They would go to Mars, declare it a desert and come back. Why aren't we all over the moon?

I don't live in Antarctica, but not cause I don't want to.

Comment Easy answer (Score 2) 537

Most people don't give a crap about their fellow human.

People think mostly of the benefit to themselves, then their families, their race, their country, their pets, and rarely do they care anything about a random human especially in Africa or some other place. It's human nature, at best some humans care about their family or country more than themselves but mainly this is the order. They actively try to eliminate and discredit anyone who dares care about random humans. That's just the way it is. Humans.

Comment Re: None of this matters, it has no headphone jack (Score 1) 324

No thanks. I hate when companies have to maintain multiple product lines especially with minor differences between each one.

I don't care if it eats into profits, there is something to be said for maintaining one's company's dignity.

You know, profits isn't the only reason for a for-profit company to exist. In fact profit doesn't have to even be required .. even if it's not a non-profit.

Making a headphone and non headphone version of the iPhone would be extremely annoying and stressful.

Comment You idiots! (Score 2) 459

You idiots, you can't talk 3rd party candidate today it's SEPTEMBER 2016!!

How can anybody even know which 3rd party candidate is not a crook? You should have started the campaign I don't know a few years ago. Maybe you should start the 2020 campaign today .. but guess what we have to select one of the two candidates in November. So yeah if you have zero analytical skills and thus think they are equally bad that's fine .. but if you have a I dunno half a brain or more .. then use your brain and sense of humanity to SELECT THE BETTER CANDIDATE.

It's too late for a third party candidate. If you can't even change my mind on that and you are able to reply this comment .. how are you supposed to change the minds of 30% of America in TWO MONTHS? You couldn't do it in years, now you expect it can be done in 2 months? WTF?

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