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Journal Journal: Chicago 1

So, what is there to do in Chicago on limited time and budget?

We're heading to Chicago at the end of the month. I'm covering the Pitchfork Music Festival for the radio station, so I'll be at Union Park for most of the time on Saturday and Sunday. We should have most of the day Friday to play and part of Monday.

The only thing we really want to do is hit Frontera Grill and maybe the river architecture tour.


The Almighty Buck

Journal Journal: Lead Paint

So, Rhode Island has found some manufacturers of lead paint liable of creating a public nuisance. This is the second trial after the first one ended in a hung jury. We have to wait a week to see what kind of damages will be awarded and then appeal.

I work for one of the companies. Our stock is taking a beating today so I have a vested interest in this issue.

I understand that it's easier for the states to go after the deep-pockets of a few rather than the nickel and dime landlords that allowed this old paint to peel and create a health issue. Is it justice though?

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Journal Journal: 100 Posters, 134 Squirrels

Last night my wife and I went to a presentation by Jay Ryan a poster artist. He has a new book out called 100 Posters, 134 Squirrels. He did a slide show of some posters and the process of creating them. He was a really nice guy. He signed my copy of the book that my wife got me as an early Christmas present. I now have 135 squirrels in my book.

I got into posters/rock art in college. A guy I knew printed posters for Derek Hess. He would sell me artist proofs for real cheap since Hess was not a big name back then. My biggest score was a Guided By Voices poster. Hess gave me a free one for delivering the posters to him the day of the show. I got most of the band to sign it (including Bob Pollard).

I now lurk around for new stuff coming out, so I can get a copy before they sell out. I had some artists come and do an interview at the radio station during the CMJ/Rock Hall Fest this last year. You could say I have a problem, but I like these pretty pieces of paper.

Currently looking for this poster. If you find one let me know.

So what do you collect?


Journal Journal: Music meme with extras 3

Everyone hates the meme thing going around, so let's start another one. Add your own question onto the end.

Beatles or Stones? Stones
Beach Boys or Beatles? Beatles
Blur or Oasis? Blur
Canada or Mexico? Canada
Red or Blue State? In a red state that should have been blue.
Hank Williams or Johnny Cash? tough one. Johnny
Sabbath or Zeppelin? get the Led out
Fanz Ferdinand or Orange Juice? O.J.
Sonic Youth or Pixies? Pixies
AC/DC or Iron Maiden? AC/DC
Grateful Dead or The Band? The Band
Jimmy Buffet or Weird Al? Weird Al
Misfits or Black Flag? Black Flag
Husker Du or Replacements? why not both? Mats.
Sugarcubes or Bjork? Bjork
Beastie Boys or Run-DMC? Run-DMC lyrics, Beastie music
Wilco or Son Volt? Wilco
Brian Jonestown Massacre or Dandy Wharhols? BJM
Buddy Holly or Elvis? Buddy
Smiths or Cure? Smiths
Ride or Stone Roses? Roses
Clash or Sex Pistols? Clash
Dead Kennedys or Dead Milkmen? Milkmen
Dean Martin or Frank Sinatra? Dino
What are you listening to right now? CBC Radio 3 podcast

And your question?
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Journal Journal: test... test... is this thing on?

How's everyone doing? I've been watching from a far. Good to see that you're all doing pretty good.

The year has been crazy so far school-wise. I have a research class in Communications and it is the sux0r. It wouldn't bee too bad if we didn't have to do the research in groups. I would be done by now if it were not for the other 3 people in my group. It's in the evening. Come on, we're working adults we don't have time to get together outside of class every week to discuss this stuff. Our research question is "Is there a relationship between coworker intimacy and job satisfaction?". This next week we have to try and get people to take the survey we created. Blah. One more class this summer and I'll be done with schooling. I might take some graphics classes at the CIA next fall if I'm not too busy.

Started to work out again. I joined up with the fitness center where I work. The have a nice facility, it's cheap, and in the building. I used to go to the YMCA, but leaving the house after a long day at work was just too damn difficult after a while.

Work is busy. I'm the lead web programmer on the new project that is starting up. I'm also the support person for the previously built stuff. No back fill for me. Do more with the same. I guess it's better than do more with less.

Nice pix in the Foto Kontest. You guys aren't geeks. You're too attractive. I laughed out load when I saw btlzu2's Rock Hall photo with the U2 banner out front. That was way too good of a clue.

If your up between 7 and 9 AM US Eastern time you can check out my radio show on WCSB. Archives of the current week's show are kept here along with the playlists.
Anyway, I thought I would post a little hey.

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