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Submission + - FriendUP - an OS that uses the whole internet as PC (

hogne writes: FriendUP — the Friend Unifying Platform — is a new open source OS that runs in your web browser, on your phone, tablet or TV, that uses the whole internet as hardware. It uses the resources where it can find them, and connects them to your screen. Additionally, it treats everything as a file, with each resource separated on its own virtual partition. This way, you can copy files between your Wordpress site, your email and your storage disk — either using its desktop environment, or through the built-in SSH server. There is now a campaign on Kickstarter, to help speed up the completion of the project.

Submission + - Microsoft bows to complaint from Linpro

Martin writes: Microsoft has agreed to change the terms of its School Agreement contract with Norwegian regional municipalities, following a complaint by Norwegian open-source software company Linpro to The Norwegian Competition Authority (NCA). The only article in English, so far, is available from Linpro. However, some articles in Norwegian are available from other parties, like the NCA, and the Norwegian newspaper Dagens IT.

Submission + - Microsoft challenged by Norwegian OSS provider (

hewi writes: "A slight case of David vs Goliath: Microsoft can no longer subject Norwegian schools to pay Windows licenses for their Linux and Mac computers, nor exclude competing providers and solutions from this market.

Faced with sanctions from the Norwegian Competition Authority (NCA) following a complaint from Norwegian OSS provider Linpro, Microsoft Norway bowed to pressure, and introduced two kinds of flexibility in the [School] agreement, that were previously missing, according to their CEO. Article"

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