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Comment Re:Human nature.. been going on for a long time (Score 1) 99

This is old news, just newer tech.

I remember in the late 1980s the guys at the auto body shop using the DPS terminal to access the state license plate database and get the name and address info on cute girls they saw in their cars.

The base urges to and desire to gain an advantage if they think there are no consequences have always been there.

Comment Remember Mordin Solus (Score 4, Interesting) 280

I've at times had to code up things I haven't been happy with, but rather than refuse to do it, I tried to modularize stuff so it could be fixed later when management changed.

This is, I think, better than refusing, and having someone else code it up. To quote Mordin Solus, "someone else might have gotten it wrong".

(And in at least one occasion, that worked -- for one product I worked on, we managed to safely and quickly kill the "phone home" DRM before it got out into the wild. Felt filthy working on it, felt good to bury it.)

Comment Re: 75% of california's poeple are brain dead (Score 1) 393

Well, to clarify, they shouldn't build nuclear reactors and desalination plants. The geologically-more-stable midwest should build nuclear reactors, and then use that power to fuel coastal desalination plants. I've thought it reasonable that, if there are supposed security risks associated with nuclear reactors, then some of those fears could be assuaged by locating newer, LFTR or other breeder-style reactors inside the security perimeter of military installations, several major of which are conveniently located in the midwest.

Comment Re:Security that the USER cannot control. . . (Score 1) 194

I don't have the full story - there's aspects she can't share with me, but I gathered that the politics of switching that stuff to Oracle are more complicated than just the SOX issue... but SOX compliance was the nail in the coffin so to speak. And it was a departmental decision, not just her. I do know their projects involves the handling of employee data for tens of thousands of people in many countries, as well as customer data and their compliance department is rather large and scary.

Comment Re:Security that the USER cannot control. . . (Score 2) 194

> Not controlling your own security will make things like, oh, HIPAA and PCI compliance problematical.

Add Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Compliance to the list as well.

My wife just dealt with this at her Fortune 500 company. Microsoft will not disclose completely what the telemetry in SQL Server 2016 is phoning home. They have no choice with respect to compliance , and have made the decision to migrate their older reporting from SQL server (older versions) to Oracle.

She wishes she had a recording of their MS sales rep telling her team that it doesn't matter.

Comment Re:We aren't paid well (Score 1) 587

The purpose of government is not profit. However, to a certain extent, the government must compete with the market to attract employees, so the wages do tend to reflect the market. That the government offers less than the market is because of its other benefits as an employer, primarily extreme stability.

Comment Re:Time to sell my Apple stock... (Score 3, Interesting) 361

> But... but... you forgot to mention they're using previous-generation processors in their brand-new laptops! That takes courage!

Not really. The Kaby Lake equivalents of the Skylake CPUs they are using have not been released yet, so they are the current generation CPUs in those configurations.

Comment Texting isn't typing (Score 2) 55

On a full English language keboard there is no way speech is faster if you know how to type. Now if you don't know how to type or you're using a touch screen, then yeah. Maybe if you're using Mandarin because it's not as straightforward as the Roman alphabet. But no, I can type considerably faster than I can talk and almost as fast as I can read, which is well over 100 wpm, and with a display and backspace key (since I'm human) my ultimate accuracy is 100%.

Comment This. Trump invested very stupidly. (Score 1) 843

Trump spent way too much building the Taj Mahal because everything had to be "the best" for his ego, and then when he was already overextended he also bought the Plaza Hotel in NYC. At the time this was all Trump's personal dealings, not public, and he personally guaranteed all the loans. 1995 was the year he took his casinos public to deflect some of the losses to the investors, but he couldn't cover it all. The reason it all went south was that a few years before Mississippi legalized gambling, and quickly became the preferred destination for everyone who lived south of the Carolinas. All the AC casinos took a hit from the new competition, but Trump was far too overextended to handle the contraction.

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