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Comment Re:Hyp (Score 1) 153

I got an Ecobee, mostly for the fact that I can tell the fan to run a certain number of minutes per hour and it has a remote sensor so it can tell that my upstairs is getting too hot (thermostat is on the ground floor). The remote access is a plus; I can set it to vacation mode after I have left, for example. Not worth doing it just to get that, but once you're buying a little wifi computer for your wall, why not have access remotely?

Comment Re:So stupid (Score 1) 429

Plus, don't get me started on the VPN blocking.... this stupidity by netflix and hulu are what keep me from running Full vpn through my DD-WRT router on my network. If I did, no one in the house could use either service.

Just curious, why would you want to run a router based VPN other than to get around content blocking or something? Is it just so your ISP can't see your traffic?

Comment Re:Chromecast support (Score 1) 105

I got the Fire Stick too, and I think it compares well to my Roku. I will admit that I'm not too picky about my TV though, I just bought a cheap one with decent reviews and no smart features. If the Fire Stick gets annoying, I can always hook something else up. I just watch some Netflix, Plex, and some of the Amazon stuff like the New Yorker.

Comment Re:Then Go Fuck Yourself, On That Point Alone (Score 1) 97

Since that's on the FAQ for Existing Xfinity Customers page, my reading of it is that you can't just switch over to the Amazon service if you're a current customer, you'd still have to deal with Comcast directly. So I'd hope that any changes as an Amazon customer would be through them.

Comment I'm Tempted (Score 2) 97

Does anyone know how the "No term" thing works? I see the following options for 25mpbs:
        $34.99/month for the first 12 months
        $49.99/month after 12 months
        $69.95/month after 24 months
  Could I just switch to the 10mbps plan after 2 years & stay at $50? For my purposes 10mbps is fine really. I would really rather not deal with Comcast directly.

Comment Re:This is going to flop (Score 1) 38

Right now, it's not really cheaper, since most people have a lot of cases where the taxi ride would be expensive, and commutes which aren't well served by other forms of public transport. And taxis aren't always that quick to arrive. So if the cost dropped significantly, especially for longer trips, and you could count on it showing up, I can see it displacing private ownership. Certainly a lot of families might decide to only have one car rather than two or three.

Comment Re:a blow (Score 1) 101

I'm old, but not that old. I regularly end up in places (mostly WV and especially near the radio quiet zone) where cell data is non existent. Google Maps is a pain to keep on top of for offline maps, and Waze borks when it tries to recalculate without data. Plus, when a call comes in just as I need the navigation the most, I'm very glad for the standalone. I have lifetime maps and traffic (not very good traffic, but it does come through sometimes), searching for the nearest coffee is quick and easy, and the screen is easy to read. I have the HERE app too, and it does a great job offline, but the standalone is still better.

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