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Comment Re:Where are the robots from? DeVry, that's where (Score 1) 982

Well, largely might overstate it, but there's got to be someone getting that $35,000. Someone has to design it, and make it, and install it, and maintain it. And like I said, if you're developing a new market and that leads to exports, it could be a net win for the US economy.

Comment Re:Uhm, most of you haven't been paying attention (Score 1) 381

Heck you could even do things like refueling in motion. We do that with planes already, I can't image that getting it to work with a truck would be more difficult.

We could do it, but there's a reason most planes refuel on the ground. It's way easier.

Finally as to adoption, lets be realistic. No one over the age of about 40 right now will buy one of these. It's called inertia. Those of that age group may have witnessed the technological revolution, but they didn't grow up with it. They don't trust it. They will always believe themselves to be a better driver, despite evidence to the contrary.

I think older people (70+) are a prime market for these things - eyesight failing, reactions slowing, a self driving car is perfect.

Comment Re:Rural has to be solved to go mainstream (Score 1) 381

I can see that self driving cars will be a lot better than I am at avoiding potholes, and the car in front can warn others behind of any tricky ones.
I imagine that at least initially the cars might refuse to drive in some conditions (like 2 feet of fresh snow); while this might well irritate people, way too many drivers overestimate what they and their car can do in those types of conditions. AWD cars with all season radials aren't magic...

Comment Re: Wi-fi Hotspots? (Score 1) 69

Right, but I'd like to be able to tell iOS that a particular wifi connection should be treated as cellular data so that those per app restrictions apply when I'm using a MiFi type hotspot. Right now it think iOS treats all wifi connections as unlimited data. I had thought that was the case with Android too, but I just found the "Network Restrictions" menu under Settings -> Data Usage and it seems you can in fact tell newer versions that certain connections are metered.

Comment Re: Wi-fi Hotspots? (Score 1) 69

I'd rather do it per device - I want my hard wired Roku to use highest quality, but if I'm (or really, my kids) using a wifi hotspot I'd like to be able to set that device to a lower quality setting, both for cell and wifi.

What I'd also like is a way to tell the OS that a particular wifi connection should be treated like a cellular connection, and have all apps respect that. And I'd like a pony.

Comment Re:Hyp (Score 1) 153

I got an Ecobee, mostly for the fact that I can tell the fan to run a certain number of minutes per hour and it has a remote sensor so it can tell that my upstairs is getting too hot (thermostat is on the ground floor). The remote access is a plus; I can set it to vacation mode after I have left, for example. Not worth doing it just to get that, but once you're buying a little wifi computer for your wall, why not have access remotely?

Comment Re:So stupid (Score 1) 438

Plus, don't get me started on the VPN blocking.... this stupidity by netflix and hulu are what keep me from running Full vpn through my DD-WRT router on my network. If I did, no one in the house could use either service.

Just curious, why would you want to run a router based VPN other than to get around content blocking or something? Is it just so your ISP can't see your traffic?

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