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Submission + - Wii fit? Too much work! Pill offers up bitchin bod 2

aztektum writes: Nerds and couch potatoes feel free to *remain* seated. Thanks to the marvels of modern science, soon you may need simply pop a pill (or 2) to tone and shape what would naturally be a flabby, unsightly butt. FTFA: In a series of startling experiments in mice, the drugs improved the ability of cells to burn fat and retain muscle mass, and they substantially prolonged endurance during exercise. "Juicing" in pro-sports and encouraging a life of general laziness aside, one of the first useful applications that came to my mind: Could this help astronauts overcome the loss of muscle mass while in space?

Submission + - Physics Programming on Linux? 1

aztektum writes: I've never been a very solid programmer, somehow I've worked on/off in IT (a lot of it Linux admin centric) for ~4 years now with only a basic ability to write Bash scripts. Somewhere between Chapter 1 and Chapter 3 of most "Learn To" books I lose interest. However I am a big physics nerd and wondered if I could combine the two. I've done some requisite Googling for software that would let me create physics simulations (mostly on Linux), but nothing is really sticking out. What I guess I'm looking for is a "physics kit in a box" (like those old chemistry sets) for Linux or Windows. Like a Mathematica/Sage tailored towards physics. Anyone know of a complete package or have suggestions on setting up an environment to play with?
Role Playing (Games)

Submission + - Is Bioware really churning out a KOTOR MMO?

aztektum writes: A new rumor that Bioware's Austin studio, known to be working on a sci fi MMO title, is developing Knights of the Old Republic "Online" have surfaced. Citing "A source close to Bioware...", little known game site is the latest to claim it's for real. Gamespot throws down their 2 cents. According to that article, whatever game they ARE developing is said to be in a playable state already. With no confirmation, nor an outright denial, from Bioware or Lucasarts thus far, are they keeping mum in order to build suspense or is this simply wishful thinking?

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