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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Digital movie remastering at home? 5

aybiss writes: In the age where TVs can do temporal interpolation, and films like the original Star Trek movie can be brought up to BluRay quality, what tools have all you /.ers found useful for playing DVDs on 42"+ size screens high-def screens with basically instantaneous response time, where the pixelation, interlacing artifacts, and even the lack of bandwidth on the DVD are clearly visible?

Specifically I would like to watch my old Futurama episodes with some level of on-the-fly or reencoded enhancement. I often wonder if there are programs out there that can do the kind of scene-object detection and analysis that they must be using to remaster old films. The only thing I've found that comes close to offering an improved DVD playback experience is PowerDVD9, which funnily enough came with my BD drive.

So what do you guys use to play or remaster DVDs? Does anyone out there have sufficient knowledge of image analysis to come close to the type of reconstruction job that Star Trek did?

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