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Comment Re:Consequence of not having a Social License (Score 1) 92

I'm guessing you're one of these people that still hasn't filled out the actual census and realised that all along there was a checkbox at the end ASKING FOR YOUR CONSENT to store your name. JUST LIKE IT HAS ALWAYS DONE.

But sure, keep claiming that the thing you've made up in your head somehow has something to do with the site falling over.

Comment Re:expanded (Score 1) 660

Machine Gun: Noun: an automatic gun that fires bullets in rapid succession for as long as the trigger is pressed.

But hey, if calling that an assault rifle and trying to draw attention to slight differences in whether or not it has a fucking sniper scope or laser sights or tracer rounds or whatever helps you sleep at night, then good for you.

(Where I presume you have one under your pillow although you most likely pull it out to look at while you masturbate.)

Please, die in a shootout soon so the rest of your country can move forward.

Comment Re:expanded (Score 1) 660

You still allow someone to own a machine gun for "personal protection". There's a problem there I think.

You have that pesky 2nd "alteration" to your constitution. That you could just alter. Hmm yes I see that's quite an intractable problem.

You don't do background checks at gunshows. FFS how is that even a thing that you do? But yeah maybe close that loophole?

There's 300,000,000 guns in your country. If there were 299,999,999 then 50 healthy happy people would still be alive, and you could still stop King George from taking your farms. In fact there would still be 50 people who could help you turn back the redcoats.

Need I go on?

Comment Re:expanded (Score 2) 660

"So, let's be honest, you need to disarm the bad guys, not the good guys."

But you don't. You don't disarm the bad guys. You continue to make it trivially easy for them to get weapons that go way beyond personal protection.

"Suggest laws that do that for a change and I'll bet you find there is a lot of support for your suggestions."

Like the one where you prevent someone who's a certified nut-job buying a military grade weapon and walking down the street with it unhindered?

Comment Re:Fuck ALL those assholes! (Score 1) 660

Fuck me you're dumb about this stuff. The idea that someone who's suspected of being a terrorist shouldn't be able to buy an AR-15 is not "taking your guns" nor is it "totalitarianism". The whole world sighs and shakes its head once again while you cling to your centuries old amendment and just keep fucking shooting each other. When will you wake up?

Comment Re:It's not the government's job (Score 0) 367

"online platforms should accept credentials issued or recognized by national public authorities, such as electronic or mobile IDs, national identity cards, or bank cards"

Read the actual summary before you fly into a fit of capitalistic free market omgmyprivates fury. This would simply mean that people would be _able_ to put their real name to a review, thus increasing the likelihood (in other's eyes) that the review is real itself.

It would also mean we could ignore the type of yanks that go off their nut about how the gubbermint wants to take away their anti-tank guns and mutated anthrax "for duck huntin'", precisely the type of nutter who would go into a meltdown about getting the wrong flavoured frappucino and lie about being subject to racism or whatever at their local starbucks.

Sound like a win-win to me.

Comment Re:Another reason to ban rifles (Score 1) 1134

"Because America is not a totalitarian society, unlike yours."

Ahhh of course. That's why we "totally" don't shoot each other all the time.

"Police using guns to shoot bullets into them."

Seems you were too busy sitting in front of a computer growing a neck beard to go save everyone with your gun. Next time for sure. ;-)

Comment Re:Another reason to ban rifles (Score 0) 1134

Nice, I see what you did there. Something I've only just realised recently is that Americans are so crazy they actually accuse their media of being biased for telling it how it is. You really believe, while you all run through the streets shooting at each other, that the media has some secret agenda behind reporting on how fucking bad that is for you all.

How safe were the people at this latest shooting? Are you actually so incredibly deluded that you think more guns would have made the situation better? Just take a look at your last sentence: "Citizens using guns... saves lives". People shooting each other dead, saves people from dying. Mind blown. Oh yeah, the craziness is definitely in that liberal media you're always bitching about, nowhere else.

If guns make people safer, why are you all not mandated to take one with you every time you go on a plane? That way the plane would be totally safe. Right?

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