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Comment Re:So? (Score 1) 114

Can you actually still do anything, or have all useful features been removed?

I was going to ask which features had been removed this iteration! Restricting users options seems to be an ongoing trend with the Gnome.

Comment Re:Much cheaper than the iPhone (Score 4, Funny) 103

It amazes me that the iPad is so damn expensive in the first place, given what it is.

That they bolt on about 50% profit for the phone model is chickenfeed in comparison.

Honestly, I bought a GBP 5 Android tablet the other day. Technically it beat most of the iPad Mini specs that are its closest rival. Sure, you can argue "screen resolution" but why would you on such a tiny device to start with?

Don't knock it, its probably more powerful than the Mac Pro by now.

Comment Re:Does DuckDuckGo have something similar? (Score 1) 429

Palestinian holocaust?
  Even the fiercest of the Palestinian nationalists do not pretend there is/was Palestinian holocaust nor genocide (I mean, obviously you could find a crazy nut somewhere, that's not what we are talking about here)...
All massacres or war crime does not equal genocide!

Put it this way.

I've known Israelis who claim that there is no such thing as a Palestinian; they are really just Arabs. Palestinians who live in Israel are not allowed to refer to themselves as 'Palestinians', they are 'Israeli Arabs'.

Israel is trying to deny the very existence of an entire people, isn't that a very subtle form of genocide? What if Hitler had declared that Jews don't exist and that any Jew living in Germany had to be referred to as a 'German Semite'? Would that have been ok?

Comment Re:Big problems come in small packages... (Score 1) 318

Fortunately, they've already figured out a cheaper replacement. The future is lasers! ... Lots of them, probably.

Watch Star Wars again, the original movie.

Those Imperials didn't bother shooting that 'empty' escape pod? Why? Because shooting lasers costs MONEY!!!111 They'd probably have been fired for wasting all that power shooting an empty escape pod :P

Comment Re:Potential Damages? (Score 1) 318

In Generation Kill there was a scene where some marines were dressed down for shooting a technical with a TOW. I think the cost/benefit of munitions and targets of opportunity was one of the reasons that cannons got put back on ground strike aircraft.

Then theres Star Wars (the original movie) where they don't bother shooting that 'empty' escape pod.

Comment Re:Potential Damages? (Score 1) 318

But you probably complain about lack of money for the arts or education. Nice going. Waste money we don't have.

I don't think that people NOT doing this is going to result in the US government spending more money on arts and education... The money is STILL going to the military-industrial complex.

Comment Re:Does DuckDuckGo have something similar? (Score 1) 429

There is no such thing as "a holocaust" any more than there's such a thing as "a los angeles". There's just The Holocaust, which is one specific genocide, like there's just Los Angeles, which is one specific city. It's not a generic noun, it's a proper noun.

Oh right of course.

For Palestinians its al-Nakbah

kind of like the Trail of Tears

The word 'holocaust' has meaning outside of the Jewish context, its not a proper name. The term appears to date from the 13th century.

mid-13c., "sacrifice by fire, burnt offering," from Old French holocauste (12c.), or directly from Late Latin holocaustum, from Greek holokauston "a thing wholly burnt," neuter of holokaustos "burned whole," from holos "whole" (see holo-) + kaustos, verbal adjective of kaiein "to burn" (see caustic).

Comment Re:Google as gatekeeper of truth (Score 1) 429

I'd guess they'd be kind of like the "Daughter's of the Mayflower", which were among the first illegal immigrants to arrive in the USA and initiate the wholesale slaughter mostly by disease and environmental depredation of the Natives. I'm saying they might self-select and have yearly or monthly meetings to celebrate their awesomeness (not so awesome from the Native's view).
Or, you could look for the most established and wealthy families, those would be good candidates.

Like the political elite of Israel eh

Comment Re:Google as gatekeeper of truth (Score 0) 429

Most of them left, they left because they were driven out, because the German government made it plenty clear they should get-the-fuck-out. The fast ones left, the slow ones or ones who didn't get the message got put in camps. There is also, literally no evidence of the so-called "Final Solution" ever being articulated much less made into policy. The Germans are nothing if not meticulous and weren't of the type to follow verbal orders, processes would have been created, documented, passed along the chain of command, etc. There would be evidence of this, but there isn't. Think about it friend.

The gas, couldn't have been used, that part of the story was/is bullshit. There weren't enough resources to burn bodies, it would have taken shit-tons of wood to incinerate the bones into ashes. Face it pal, it wasn't like you've been told, not at all my friend.

The Nazis actually helped many Jews relocate to Palestine, it was known as the transfer program and ran for years until the start of the war.

I guess that makes the Nazis complicit in two holocausts.

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