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Comment Re:A century ago, Progressives (Score 1) 926

That is nonsense. A service is a service regardless of the provider of the service. If what you say is true then infrastructure, research, and education paid for by the public are neutral. I'd like to see what would happen if the government quit building highways or maintaining other types of infrastructure.

Comment Re:Barriers To Entry (Score 1) 688

The point is they aren't random and lots of other people have tens of thousands of .NET apps deployed that don't crash. Furthermore, if the exception handling was any good the log would tell you exactly where the problem is.

I know I sound like an Internet douche-bag, but seriously - good professional developers don't have these problems.

Comment Re:Barriers To Entry (Score 1) 688

Let me be the first to say: They are doing it wrong.

There is no such thing as a 'random app error'. Such things are almost always excuses used by developers who suck at development regardless of the tool set. I would be willing to bet a week's pay that in 5 minutes of code review I'd find that they do not properly dispose object instances or close database connections.

Comment Re:Your not qualified (Score 2) 442

This is just FUD. Microsoft has the BizSpark program and similar programs for exactly this type of start-up. He can run MS for five years and not pay a dime in license fees. If he has millions of users in 5 years, getting the money to run any stack will not be an issue.

Stack overflow serves something like 100mm pages a month on 1 rack of Windows servers.

That said, if he doesn't know how to set up a Web server and wants to focus on building a product, hosted and managed cloud is the way to go.

Comment Re:I'm amused, and he has a point (Score 1) 758

Programming is programming regardless of the platform. I've had clients and projects I didn't like, but generally speaking writing code is fun for me.

I have nothing against someone who has an idea in some unexplored niche where there is little money to be made. However, there is a word for someone who takes a job to work on someone else's vision who doesn't care about the money they make - chump.

I guess as the hirer you probably do want the hire-ee to ignore they pay so you can maximize the benefit you get out of said chump. And hey, if you can get away with it, more power to you. We're all consenting adults here. I doubt you'll be able to consistently find any but the least experienced to fall for it for long though. Great developers tend not to be chumps.

Comment Re:Well, Yes (Score 1) 532

You know, I have to disagree that 3D has nothing to do with storytelling. I thought that the ashes and embers as the forest burned in Avatar very effectively enhanced the sorrow and the ability to feel empathy for the aliens.

I agree that it is usually gratuitous, but I really like how modern filmmakers are beginning to play around with perspective in new ways. Have you seen Spartacus - Blood and Sand? They play with visual layers in ways that I think transforms scenes that would otherwise be nothing but gratuitous gore into something very worthwhile and immersive.

It wouldn't surprise me to find out that the cinematographer is blocking the shots in three dimensions purposefully even though the show is currently shown only in 2D.

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