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Comment Re:hey Asus (Score 1) 644

But how do you explain the link from the ASUS UK web-site to (given in this comment)

I agree that it's dubious.... but that one link from the ASUS web-site really kind of gives it way more legitimacy than I'd expect of a hoax

Comment Re:Why get upset? Firefox users avoid proprietary (Score 1) 803

I see your point, but there's a big difference between me choosing to install the flash plug-in in my firefox installation vs having Microsoft choose to install their own plug-in in my installation of firefox.

If the benefits afforded to me by this plug-in were clear and made sense, I would have installed it myself with out much hesitation. My understanding is though that this plug-in is of no direct benefit to the owner of the firefox installation, only to those who want to know what versions of .NET I have installed on the underlying OS.

I see it kind of like a local council sending someone to sit in my driveway, and report what kind of car I drive, and when I drive it, without asking me before hand... it's of no direct inconvenience to me, but I certainly feel as if I'm being put under needless scrutiny. On the other hand, if the local council informed me of their wish to send someone to sit in my drive way and record these details, and gave me the reasons why they were doing it, I'd probably have much less issue with it.

This is a violation of trust more than anything else, and Microsoft thinking that because they technically (as per EULA) own the software on your computer, that by extension, they own everything on it. /car analogy

Comment Re:Hello Moto (Score 3, Insightful) 828

Under their definitions of "use" and distribute

Their definition - where 'their' is the person licensing the code. Just because they are words which can be used in contexts different from those implied by the licenser, doesn't mean that they are incorrect definitions. In the context of the GPL, they are the correct definitions.

The GPL says that the same terms must also infect any code that links to it. Hence the immoral aspect of it and why I advocate against it.

It's not immoral, because no one is forcing you into that position. You have to willingly submit to the terms in order to be bound by them... i.e. no one is forcing you to distribute code under the GPL, unless you take their GPL'd code and willingly incorporate it into your own.

By your logic, any consensual act you don't like the ramifications of is immoral...

Comment Re:Hello Moto (Score 1) 828

Saying "but you can use it, you just can't distribute it" is NOT disingenuity.

It's the objective truth.

Use = executing the code. In this respect, there are no restrictions imposed by the GPL.
Distribution = making copies and giving them out. The GPL simply states that if you take advantage of code licensed under the terms of the GPL, you must pass those same terms along to anyone who receives a copy from you. You are restricted from imposing further arbitrary restrictions... that's all.

You're the one who's splitting hairs by trying to claim that distribution _is_ use. No, it's not I'm sorry. Use is what occurs after distribution.

Comment Re:more importantly: (Score 1) 376

Of course there's something wrong with that... he shouldn't have to "not be hassled". If he didn't want the software, but was put into a position where not buying it was more inconvenient than just buying it, there's only one entity that benefits from the transaction - the one who made it inconvenient to not buy their software; he essentially paid money to "not be hassled". That wreaks of a protection racket, and is pretty fucked up IMO.


E17, Slimmed Down For Cell Phones 166

twitter writes "Want to run Enlightenment on your cell phone? The Rasterman's recent efforts bring E17 to Open Moko FreeRunner and Treo 650: 'According to the Rasterman, when used with his updated illume stack and new Elementary widget set, E17 can now run in just 32MB of RAM, on an ARM9 processor clocked at 317MHz. To prove it, he is distributing a Linux kernel and E17/Illume/Elementary stack for Palm's Treo650. The stack can be launched from PalmOS without touching the device's flash storage, he says.' While Microsoft fumbles with limited 'instant on,' GNU/Linux rules the embedded world and that's the only thing going in the IT market right now."
Wireless Networking

Submission + - CSIRO to demonstrate 6 gigabit wireless link

Anonymous Coward writes: "Australia's Commonwealth Scientific Industrial and Research Organization (CSIRO) researchers will this week demonstrate what is claimed to be the fastest and most efficient point to point wireless link ever achieved. The wireless link has the capability to transmit data at 6 gigabit per second over short distances. Multi-gigabit links operate at speeds that leave current wireless networks far behind. For example the entire works of Shakespeare could be transmitted over a one gigabit per second link in four hundredths of a second or a full DVD movie in 34 seconds. In the demonstration, which will take place at the CSIRO ICT Centre in Sydney, a CSIRO team intends to transmit 16 simultaneous streams of DVD quality video over a 250 metre link with no loss of quality or delays. The demonstration will only use one tenth of the capacity of the link. "The system is suitable for situations where a high speed link is needed but it is too expensive or logistically difficult to lay fibre — such as in congested urban environments, and across valleys and rivers," says Dr Jay Guo, Director of the Wireless Technologies Laboratory at CSIRO. "The system is also ideal for creating networks to meet short term needs such as emergencies and large events." Source : ml"

Journal Journal: Wii Will Woo Boomers and X'ers.

For months now, like so many other thirty something man-children, I have been subscribing to the PS3 news alerts lapping up the marketing machine goop in anticipation of its launch. But launch time came and went, and despite all of the hype I just don't have an interest and it has recently become apparent why.

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