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Comment This is why piracy is important (Score 1) 437

This is what happens when you let those greedy hollywood bastards too much control. I have friends overseas where they don't have netflix and they indeed use VPN - but what is wrong with that? all they want is to be legal paying customers!!! But oh no - "licensing agreements" this is just BS sugar coating to charge those customers 3 times for the same service. Now my friends will go back to using torrents.... serves you right Hollywood! I wish that piracy continues to thrive to keep you guys humble.

Comment scary (Score 1) 129

what's next? inferring men genitalia size? i can't believe the general public just doesn't care about their privacy being so violated in exchange for a beef stew. But then i heard that having no facebook profile is an indicator for being a psychopath, so who knows anymore.

Comment Join the club, the world has changed! (Score 2, Interesting) 569

I just hope that they won't be as pathetic like the RIAA and sue people seeking yesterday's fees. No more middlemen! Internet has changed the world and business models need to adapt. If you are a super designer, you will still find high paying contracting work. If you are a talent, be it music, movies, whatever - you will still get paid (maybe little less than before, but say thanks!). If your'e not, go join the crowd.

Comment Jews indeed have horns (Score 1) 929

If we are into misleading titles then here i gave you another one. In that part of the world (among others too) - you don't leave unattended belognings. You can blame the jews for every wrong doing in the world - but the police there is not grumpy because of bad doughnuts - maybe its because a fucking arab blew in the border a week before. Get your facts right idiot!

Comment Jews killed Michael Jackson using a similar gum (Score 1) 8

and also Hamas claims that the jews are responsible for stopping rain over Gaza only, and that they found among their crops a few malformed tomatos - that is probably the fault of Israel too. A jewish magician caused an old lady to trip the stairs in Gaza. Ahhh I just remembered - the jews actualy planted rockets in Gaza, and fired at themselves - as an excuse to start a war on Gaza. It is also rumored that Hamas soldiers are really disguised jews, made by the Israeli undercover forces to induce America to go into a nuclear war on the Arab world. Jews are so wonderful you can just blame them for everything.

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