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Comment Re:Online retailers (Score 1) 317

They're supposed to accept cards requiring signatures regardless of where the card's from. The disability requirement is to get such a card issued by a UK bank. Oh, and the Visa/MC rules also say that ticket machines, etc. are supposed to accept cards that don't a PIN. (Self-checkouts are considered "attended" so the person watching them still needs to get a signature.)

Comment Re:apple pay and paypal versus samsung pay (Score 1) 317

A large number of US retailers actually rely on non-consensual tracking/data mining as part of their business models. NFC would really interfere with that. Not to mention there are a few (like Walmart) who really hate Visa/MC and at best want all of the benefits card acceptance brings without paying anything.

Comment Re:Online retailers (Score 1) 317

The reality is that you guys in the states have to start using chip and pin, or you can forget ever travelling to Europe where most of our terminals and moving to PIN only. Within a few years most retailers over here will have blanket bans on signature transactions, quite a few do already.

Considering that Visa and MasterCard regulations (and the UK's own laws) require that merchants still accept signatures, I don't see that going too well.

Comment Re:Only if you use App Cards with APPS! (Score 4, Insightful) 317

It's basically the same thing as a magstripe

Other than the unique one time code that's generated for every chip transaction, of course. And the extreme difficulty of retrieving the private encryption keys needed to generate those codes from the chip itself.

Comment Re:Come on US (Score 1) 317

Debit cards will ask for a PIN but only at places that have already accepted debit. And it's still optional, just like magstripe. Too bad I don't see that changing any time soon; might as well just never ask for a PIN on debit as well except for cash back if it's not going to be made mandatory.

Comment Re: None of my cards have a chip! (Score 1) 317

Walmart's been doing it for a while, actually. Close to a year at this point.

Re: Dollar General--I'll see if I can confirm whether any other of their stores have support turned on (none in my area) and if so, add them to the site in my signature. Do you know if they have NFC turned on as well?

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