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Comment Re:Too costly (Score 1) 322

How does a consumer not concede to the carrier's game? Sure, you can pay cash for a phone rather than purchasing a subsidized one, but you will still pay the same price for the service. The only difference is that you can take your ball and go home if you want. The next guy is going to charge the same price though. The only alternative is to not play their game at all.

Actually, it seems T-mobile is trying something new with their "Even More Plus" plans. I called them last week to see about changing up my plan, and the first thing the operator asked me was: "Which is more important to you? Do you want a free phone, or cheaper monthly payments?" I answered enthusiastically "cheaper monthly payments" since I've never been interested in getting a subsidized phone and then being under contract for 2 years to pay it off. These new plans are pretty cheap it seems, don't offer a free or subsidized phone, and don't put you under contract.

Comment Re:Yeah, it seems somewhat noisy (Score 1) 336

I always thought it would be nice if people in IMs could see what I'm typing, to feel more like a real conversation.

iChat, over Bonjour, could do this back in the day (and probably still can). I tried it for an hour or so during a chat, but just didn't like it and ended up turning it off.

There's something nice about knowing you're free to revise, rephrase, or just plain delete a comment you're making up until you hit that Enter key. It's really uncomfortable when every keypress you make is being transmitted and you're about halfway into a sentence you no longer want to complete.

Comment Re:Heart Mate II Pump (Score 4, Interesting) 465

I was looking for this comment as the tech is not new. I was surprised to see it now on Slashdot. Ventricular Assist Devices have been around for a long time, and I know that at least Thoratec's Heartmate II and Heartware's HVAD are continuous flow. At least 50 people in the US already have Heartware's device in them, and I think there's been a European study, too. One thing I've heard and would be curious to know if it's true, is that even though the device is a continuous flow pump many patients spontaneously develop a pulse anyway. Have you seen that?

Comment Would be cool with "community" functionality (Score 1) 221

I don't think I'd ever use this if it just gave every page on the web youtube comments. However, if I could restrict the comments to just a certain group of people, it might be cool. If my favorite blogs, slashdot, etc (the places where I already look at the comments), had a way to make a SideWiki "community" where I was only exposed to their comments, that'd be great. Of course, the comments would become much more sparse, but I think I'd tend to look at the same pages as them anyway.

Comment Re:It's shocking how little... (Score 1) 199

I disagree. We can't tell anything from the price alone, simply because it's so cheap to harvest identities.

Whether it's dangerous and there are few criminals, or it's easy and there are plenty of them, the fact that it it costs essentially nothing to set up phishing websites and the like and the info can be sold for anything means people will continue to enter the market to supply the information.

So the price will be driven down regardless of the demand level, obscuring whether the price needs to be low to attract criminal buyers, or whether there's tons of criminal buyers who all want a piece of the action.

Comment Re:Simulated Rape (Score 1) 574

I'm going to guess the actors in those movies weren't actually forced to have sex against their will, and so it wasn't "real rape". Your so-called "Portraying real rape" is simulated rape. I don't know what "portraying simulated rape" is. Some sort of documentary or meta movie about a rape movie? Try again with that "simulated" vs. "real" distinction.

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