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Comment constant mandatory reboots? (Score 1) 403

Why would anybody put up with such poor technology.

Linux doesn't force you to reboot, and these days you don't have to reboot at all with kernel splicing.

On the other hand the instant you step away from your desk, Windows 10 kills your applications and reboots to install upgrades. Why does it do this in 2016?

Comment XBMC interface was better in the end (Score 1) 49

I feel like a lot of mindshare moved over to XBMC. Kodi has a better user interface, but I think MythTV had a better backend.

It was always somewhat challenging to get everything working perfectly, but the ability to set up recordings on one TV (or remotely by web) and watch them on another TV was/is fantastic.

Playing music was always wierd - you needed to set up nfs mounts from the music server to play the files on your remote screens - it would make a lot of sense for them to be streamed automatically from the mythtv backend. But I get the idea that maybe some quite old protocols are in use and it would be a lot of work to change them.

Long Live MythTV/ MythXubuntu

Comment robotic probes discredited? (Score 1) 237

Why are robotic probes discredited?

Getting humans into space is ok, but we can probably get shit loads of robotic probes all over the solar system for a fraction of the cost to get 1 human to mars...

One thing that will help with humans is for us to come up with a commercial reason to have people living on the moon, as once its profitable then we'll find ourselves with a rapidly expanding colony (which will be amazing).

Comment unnecessary (Score 2) 293

I still have no idea why they needed to fork from debian, instead of just maintaining packages/patches required to provide a systemd alternative from within debian.

When choosing a distribution, why anybody choose a distribution whose only clear philosophy was that it is not something else? Unlike debian which is ultimate software freedom and stability or whatever.

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