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Submission + - Stock tout company in Canada outed (techeye.net)

aurizon writes: "I joined this site last year, as a Canadian, and soon became suspicious of it's integrity. I made some comments adverse to the sponsoring company (Noront in this case) and they were soon removed by the moderators. They were rational posts.
It was then I realized they were a fraud.
I suspect this practice might be widespread in the USA as well as ROW."

Submission + - fee-mail my concept 1

aurizon writes: "It seems to me the pool-o-fools grows larger every day, and the script-kiddy virus tool kits, ready to use, also grows. In addition, the number of truly capable virus creators is also growing.
The script kids grow out of it in time, but the master programmers that write new virii has to be dealt with by cutting of their food source. That is the money they make from the accounts they control, be it pass-words on bank accounts on just spam sales. That funds their operations.
So we need an e-mail secure handshake method that is not crackable an/or fee-mail where you pay a fee to send an e-mail and the recipient has the choice to accept the e-mail and cancel the fee = costs you nothing, cancel the reception of the e-mail and cancel the fee or keep the fee with cancellation.

the fee can be set at what you like. Paris Hilton could choose $10, and I am sure some people would pay it, and if they spam her she gets $10 each = $$.
You and I could choose 25 and hand it back and forth at no cost. and you could discourage Chatty Cathy by keeping a few of them.
There would need to be a central server, like g-mail, that runs each persons bank, and they can fund it with $1 to start and each one would have a 256 bit, or more, private encryption key and the bank would keep track of this. Each e-mail address would be joe.blow@thebank.com
and the bank knows your true address and sends it on with the fee, all encrypted. As you tell all friend about the new system you can tell them your home system will refuse to accept e-mails from your old account in 2010-date, etc. And their first trip to the bank would explain all things.

I have had the above concept in mind for a while now. G-mail is the logical place to take this concept and make it work as part of gmail.

Look at the people that now send paid snail-mail at 40-50 a pop. I could read that all day if that 40-50 went into my bank, and I could set the rate at what I wanted.
Advertisers would not spam in the billions at 40-50 a pop, and after a while all e-mail boxes would implement this and as long as it had the proper encryption and was easy to use/built into Chrome/etc it would soon drive the spammers out of business.

The fact that any fee would be returns to the senders bank at my discretion means my friend to friend and business e-mails would not be hindered, in fact, business would love it, they would soon screen out the people who do not want it. Mailing lists would need an auto refund built into your system at the bank where you would maintain a list of auto refunds people, which can also include your friends. This would also work with SMS and could be used to kill off SMS ads etc"

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