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Comment Re:that's it. the end game. (Score 1) 388

Well the robot Robdoo does the work of 100 men, and AMRU (Autonomous Machines and Robots Union) feels that a reasonable salary would be 100 times the human's wage to properly compensate Robdoo. In addition, Robdoo requires Rest, Adjustment and Maintenance time (RAM) equal to 2 times the operating time. Any operation that impinges on RAM shall be paid as overtime at 150 times the human rate (time and a half). Robdoo is also a member of the ROBOGOD congregation and attends etheric communions of service, and any impingement on this religious communions shall be paid at double time (200 x human rate). AMRU officers shall be allowed online access to Robdoo to make sure that technical improvements that might increase hiz productivity by X rate, and properly salary adjusted....

Comment Re: Will Internet Voting Endanger The Secret Ballo (Score 1) 219

Secret ballot is assured in public unwatched (once you enter the curtained room - none can see how you vote) polling stations. It is not assured with an online login and vote, where threats an/or $$ can be used to witness how you vote under others eyes say at a workplace where the boss sees how every wirker votes and those that complain - just keep walking as you look for a new job.
Never in America you say? No, it is ever ready to pounce and coerce workers.

Comment Re:daily mail reporting (Score 1) 555

Well, a gas car wears off about 20-30 pounds of rubber in 100,000 miles(more if he burns out a lot) and in the same 100,000 miles he wears off about 2 pounds of brake shoe. These end up as road dust or various sizes, most of which settles, but a small amount. That gas car at 30 miles per gallon burns about 3500 gallons(20,000 pounds) which consumes about 40,000 pounds of oxygen for 60,000 pounds of H2O and CO2 - all of which is in the air. There is a little nitrogen oxide - ~~200 pounds.
A Tesla burns 24% more rubber, but with regenerative braking, only half the brake dust is made. There is zero production of CO2 and H2O, except by the breathing of the passengers.

On balance Tesla = far less on all counts, except rubber. The rubber dust is 80% carbon black and 20% rubber polymer which is eaten by bacteria

Comment unisex (Score 1) 1095

Took my wife to a club in Japan, drinks etc.
Went to the bathroom - saw a row of open urinals and across from there a row of sitdown stalls - with men and women using them. They had doors.

Wife proceeded to bathroom - came back instantly, she could not deal with it, so we had to leave ASAP to go to the hotel.

So it seems to be very unisex. This was in 1982, so things may have changed?

Comment Glue foam guns. (Score 1) 712

They shoot non-toxic foam that expands, and is sticky, then hardens into soft and rubbery in 10-20 seconds.
Cop shoots perp who soon is covered, sticky and cumbersome as the foam builds up. If he fell over = stuck to the ground.

He might overheat, since foam is an insulator. It would be soft enough to manually remove from mouth/nose.

Biggest problem would be the mass a cop would have to carry. At 1 pound per cubic foor he could easily carry 20 pounds, plus the 10 pound ejector.

A car could carry lots = good crowd control weapon.

clean up = a problem.

Comment Bag Lady Effect (Global) - BLEGS (Score 1) 563

If stuff was free, we would all turn into BLEGs Everything hoarders get they gather for free and the fill their space, be it house or box world on the street.
If stuff is free to start, it must then have a cost to keep or the BLEG effect will rule.

If stuff cost $$ to keep, the richest piles would belong to the richest people, Larry Ellison would have an island covered with stuff - OH, he has that now?

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