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Comment I googled titties (Score 1) 369

And it gave me this in the first row of images (probably NSFW...but then again this whole thread is)

I still received a fresh helping of titties so google isn't broken, they just want to sabotage and betray you so hard that you won't care about titties anymore.

P.S. I know the pic is of a slashdotter. REVEAL YOURSELF!!

P.P.S The people who are being modded insightful for whining that this is censorship ought not to be, because they aren't.

Comment Re:Missing option: (Score 1) 211

I think this is some nerds idea of a joke.
The Last Thing You Read Was The Last Thing You Read Was The Last Thing You Read Was The Last Thing You Read Was The Last Thing You Read Was The Last Thing You Read Was The Last Thing


Comment Re:behavior, like constantly checking your phone? (Score 3, Insightful) 163

while out?

seems to be generational but my younger friends (20's) are always checking their phones, even while I'm talking to them at dinner or a social event!

what the hell. since when was that good manners?

since never. but few seem to care.

I "belong" to this generation. If there isn't a pause in the conversation for them to read some inane text saying "whats up gurlll", or I'm actively talking and they pull out their windows phone (just kidding) I'll snap my fingers to get their attention. If they have the attention span of a three year old and do it again they're wasting my time and I'll leave them to their angry birds.

If you're a dick I have no problems being a dick right back. They might not like having their faults pointed out and I don't enjoy doing it but some people deserve it every now and then.

Comment Not gonna happen... (Score 1) 127

As the only owner of highly trained squirrels in the country I've had bad experiences working with Californian law enforcement and refuse to do business with them again.

They can try to get some squirrel worker visas from India or the Philippines, but the paperwork is absolutely atrocious and the squirrels only speak broken english. I wish them the best though.

Comment It's a fake. (Score 5, Funny) 438

And if you had any doubt this is Steve Jobs' yacht, there are seven 27-inch iMacs in the wheelhouse.

Why yes I do. I doubt any egocentric billionaire could afford one of those $1800 27-inch iMacs, much less seven of them. Good lord, such opulence!

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