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Comment Random observation (Score 3, Interesting) 366

A few years ago I went through TSA with my laptop. Naturally they wanted to search it. No problem. I thought.

I'd forgotten that at the time, my documents directory auto synced whenever I logged into my network at home. At the time, I was writing a fiction story.

All kinds of excitement occurred.

Now I keep all my stuff in the cloud outside of "five eyes" treaty partners and any time I think I might have an "interaction" with LEO, I mercine wipe my drive and install fresh. I still get harassed because obviously I "must be a terrorist" because I don't use windows. Solution; Small windows boot partition by default and some random porn files. (If they don't find anything, they just keep looking. So I give them a little something obvious to keep them off my back.)

When did we start being more afraid of our own government than of terrorist? The world has gone crazy except for you and me, I'm slowly slipping away and I was never too sure about you.

Comment Re: Valid (Score 1) 585

" who interpret the Constitution exactly as it's written"

Might be good for the days of sailing ships, buggy whips, whale oil lamps, slavery and no voting by women. Not too in touch with today. This is why the founders insisted that the constitution be capable of change in the first place.

Why is it when a judge finds something the right doesn't like, they are "activist" and "interpreting the constitution they way they wish it was" and when they like how the judge rules they are a "wise jurist."?

Comment Re: Valid (Score 1) 585

He's elected president. Not dictator. He doesn't have the power to "scrub the web."

Hum um. And he doesn't have the power to affect stock prices either.

It is true - directly has does not have that power. However, a simple observation "Gee, that's a nice business you have there. It would be a shame to have the FBI start investigating, the IRS poke around, and the SEC and FTC to look at every little thing you did and do..." is quite effective in securing cooperation on matters not directly within the delineated powers of any politician. This is one of many factors which seems to have escaped - or been ignored as unimportant - the notice of those that elected Mr. Trump.

Because President Elect Trump is a bastion of careful thought, absolute veracity, and considered policy I'm sure this will never, not ever, be an issue.

Comment Put your eyes on this egg basket (Score 1) 399

The H1B visa program is an excellent choice as a bell weather of what a Trump administration can be expected to do for the average person. Around tax time next year (April 15th) is about 90 days in office. Set a reminder folks. "April 15th. Look around and see what the H1B visa abuse situation is. TRUMP Promise."

Will he keep it or will he break it? I don't know. I have my thoughts but I will have them settled one way or the other by May.

Comment Contemplating the meaning of "classified". (Score 1) 313

Ever wonder just what those 100 emails with classified information might have contained? How it would have destroyed our country if those secrets had been compromised?

Take a look other classified information that has leaked. What you see are the things our own government is required to tell us, but won't, and if not that, then things that make politicians and bureaucrats look bad.

No, the state department does not get OPSEC, OPLAN, or SCI materials. They get stuff like whose diplomats are vulnerable to being compromised, who they are having affairs with. They do not get things like troop strength. They do not get operational security information. They do not get a lot because they are diplomats - people that get paid to talk a lot. Like anyone is going to give a bunch of gas bags a lot of hot security information.

Another telling point is that there is no criminal prosecution of Hillary Clinton, nor will there ever be. See? Total red herring and it fooled one hell of a lot of people.

The trick of politics isn't to tell the truth. The trick is to tell your voters what they want to hear regardless of fact.

It really doesn't matter to me who "won". None of them are going to make my life any easier and none of them have the least interest in increasing my paycheck. I found this to be true for several decades now.

Comment Rage news (Score 3, Interesting) 725

I've noticed over the last 15 years that news reporting appears to deliberately incite rage in it's consumers. I conclude the reason is because happy news doesn't cause interaction that can be measured, while outrage causes people to post comments, link, and send to friends. These actions can be tracked, and if it can be tracked, it can be monetized. An example is Info Wars site. Most of their news is extremely slanted and almost seems to jerk the froth out of their average reader's mouth, while simultaneously reporting things dishonestly. When one bothers to fact check and independently confirm their stories, it is my opinion that they are almost without exception false to fact or put in the worst light possible. Nor is it confined to such fringe lunatic sites, this is found in Fox, Breitbart, Drudge, and to a lessor extent in CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, PBS, and NPR.

TL;DR: News is worthless. They all have an agenda and they all push it.

Comment Robotic farming (Score 1) 278

I'm still waiting for that flying car I was promised in the 1960s.

Farming isn't planting a seed and jumping out of the way before it sprouts and knocks your eye out. Things like market conditions, projected harvests, government regulations (try planting cotton without letting the USDA know about it!), how a field drains, where the culverts have a habit of overflowing, and heck, what field the boys around will ride their ATVs in or their families make an impromptu road though change the factors in how a field is maintained.

Sure, a tractor that drives itself is handy. In fact, it is a tremendous help in preventing "greening" (running over your own crops). However, a human will always be needed on any farm of a meaningful scale (anything more than a few thousand acres).
The unpredictable things around will simply make complete robotic farming impossible. Things like (happened last month) thieves stole the diesel out of the fuel dump. 170K gallons of diesel vanished in a 47 hour period. That's about 20 truck loads. (we all thought they were -delivering- it, not hauling it away!)

Will it help? Yes.
Will it eliminate the need for a human? Nope!

Comment The problem is much worse than "fake news" (Score 1) 624

As I see it, the issue of trustworthy sources really isn't the issue. In my opinion, the real issue is that many simply don't believe even trustworthy sources if the news they report is disagreeable to the person consuming it.

In other words, many now reject any reality that they do not wish to believe. This is tantamount to insanity.

An example is the recent election. If one supported President Elect Trump, then all the reports of his personal and business conduct were "liberal media". If one was a supporter of Secretary Clinton, the issues with multiple congressional investigations were "right wing propaganda, old fat chewed endlessly".

This is not to take a stance of any of them. I'm pointing out the situation. I don't have any opinion on a Fix for it either. If the world is going crazy, let me off at the next stop please. I'm not enjoying the ride.

Comment Well, I see they don't read the news (Score 1) 161

Orifice De Pot doesn't read the news I see. Otherwise they'd know what happened to Wells Fargo when they pulled the same crap. On the other hand, why on earth would anyone trust Office Depot with a computer? They didn't fill my paper order correctly so I stopped using them. Hey, if you can't get paper right, why on earth would you expect me to believe you can get a computer right?

Comment Re:Here's how to beat this game... (Score 1) 96

Try reading a book or getting a hobby. I live where there's very good reception (the station's transmitters are less than 8 miles from my home) and that doesn't tempt me to turn on the TV. There isn't anything, nothing, zero, zip slant zilch, nada I want to see - not now that I've reclaimed my life and stopped drooling in front of the box.

All those wasted hours, gone forever...

Comment Here's how to beat this game... (Score 4, Insightful) 96

Cancel service. That's what I did years ago. I don't watch TV. I only watch what I am interested in. No more "shove that crap down their thoughts and they'll pay LOTS for it" programming.

Professional sports has gone from some reasonable charge to "holy cow you want HOW MUCH to watch?" Turn them off too.

Internet gets too expensive? Investigate alternatives such as Zip, ViVent, and other terrestrial microwave ISPs.

Comment Oh gee (Score 5, Insightful) 78

I am so sick and tired of databases not being properly protected. One thing you can do is to monitor outbound traffic. If you suddenly see a huge stream from the DB server to somewhere it doesn't normally go, a banshee cry should come from your monitoring system.

You can also include "trap" data in the DB and have pattern matching set up (on the system, in the network, on the routers). See the pattern, alarms and cell phones should start ringing.

Comment Re:Hows the turnkey tyranny doing? (Score 1) 77

Most Americans would rather die than actually use their brains.
Most Americans believe whatever their choice of "news" they choose to consume tells them.
Most Americans think that by hard work and diligence, they can get ahead.
Most Americans think they are living in a democracy.
Most Americans never visit other countries, and if they do, I'm ashamed of how they act for the most part.

Back on topic: Does anyone remember when Yahoo account credentials were the defacto "Single Sign on"? They didn't track failed logins, so it was fairly easy to bruit force an account.

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