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Comment It depends (Score 2) 349

As it stands, your question yields by default the answer, "it depends." With no restrictions, minimal training and supervision, the use of iPads (or whatever) in the classroom can hinder greatly students' performance. On the other hand, with restrictions, training and adequate supervision, there's no (immediate) reason why iPads (or whatever) cannot benefit students greatly. Without any additional information about how and within what framework the technology is being implemented, a more definite answer cannot be reached.

Comment Uninformative! (Score 2) 119

Alright, so I can know if my sister (or whoever) "likes" a particular restaurant (or whatever) through Bing. But what about the why? Was the service good? How was the food? Are the drinks reasonably priced? And so forth. Absent any of that information, this "addition" is rather useless.

Comment Shame (Score 1) 91

Shame. The original Lineage was my first MMO-RPG. And I think it is still the best online game I have ever played. Even though it is remarkably simple when compared to current online games, that not only worked, but was a strength. In addition, there is a level of secrecy unmatched by other online games; your appearance does not change when you equip different armor or weapons (minus a different, generic graphic for swords vs. axes vs. bows, and so forth), nor is there an online armory (e.g., World of Warcraft's armory) where players can view another player's gear. I always liked that.

Comment Old News (Score 1) 287

From TFA:

The study concludes that a significant number of teens are very susceptible to peer pressure and also have permissive or absent parents, said Dr. Scott Frank, the study's lead author.



Submission + - Creating a Battery Smaller Than a Grain of Salt (

Zothecula writes: As development of micro- and nano-scale devices continues to advance, so does the need for an equally-tiny method of powering them. There’s not much point in developing a surveillance micro air vehicle the size of a housefly, for instance, if it requires a watch battery in order to fly. That’s why DARPA (the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) is funding a project to create really tiny batteries. Just how tiny are we talking, here? Well, they’re aiming for something smaller than a grain of salt.

Submission + - Apple Unveils New Direction For OSX (

Stoobalou writes: When Apple announced that yesterday's keynote event was tagged 'Back to the Mac', we all assumed that the fruity gadget maker would be focusing its attention on its grown-up computers rather than the iOS devices which have been hogging the limelight lately.

That's partly true, but Steve Jobs' sneak peak at the forthcoming OSX 10.7 Lion owed more than a little to the company's mobile operating system.

It seems that everyone is so enamoured by the simple functionality of Apple's portable, proddable devices that the company's engineers have decided to take all of the best bits from iOS4 and add them to the full-blown operating system.

Comment A few things.. (Score 1) 1

First, there's a difference between keeping the apps available through Apple's App Store squeaky clean and how consumers choose to make use of the devices they've purchased. There's very little difference between how one makes use of their phone and its features and how one makes use of one's laptop or desktop. If critics suddenly start calling for Apple to regulate how, when, and for what purposes FaceTime may be used I sure hope they're willing to demand that other companies, e.g. Dell, AT&T, Verizon, etc., do the same. Their devices and networks are used for similar, if not identical, activities.

Second, IMO I wouldn't worry about this being more than a brief flare. From TFA:

"You can have the phone on your face, or other body parts, but not both at the same time," said Teagan Presley, who acts in adult films and performs in video chats. "Most customers want the full package, and it's going to be difficult holding a phone."

Sure it's cool that you can do this on an iPhone, just like it was cool that, when the first iPhone came out, someone managed to get World of Warcraft to run on it. However, it's just not practical.

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