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Portables (Apple)

Submission + - SPAM: Internal memos confirm Apple's new MacBook Air (La

vrmediasg writes: As the folks at BGR put it, despite the new MacBook Air models being the slimmest machines Apple has ever built, the manufacturer managed to find space to pack some bugs in them. Internal memos that were leaked documented two different display software issues, although there seems to be more than ju
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Submission + - California woman sues Apple over iPhone upgrade ( 1

digitaldc writes: A California woman last week sued Apple in state Superior Court, claiming that last summer's iOS 4.0 upgrade turned her iPhone into an "iBrick" that was slower and less reliable than before the update.

Bianca Wofford of San Diego County, Calif., who filed the lawsuit Oct. 29, has asked a judge to grant her case class-action status, which if awarded, would let any California resident join the suit.

According to Wofford's lawsuit, Apple's iOS 4 June upgrade made her iPhone 3G "virtually unusable" because the new operating system degraded the phone's performance and caused it to frequently crash.


Submission + - Apple Unveils New Direction For OSX (

Stoobalou writes: When Apple announced that yesterday's keynote event was tagged 'Back to the Mac', we all assumed that the fruity gadget maker would be focusing its attention on its grown-up computers rather than the iOS devices which have been hogging the limelight lately.

That's partly true, but Steve Jobs' sneak peak at the forthcoming OSX 10.7 Lion owed more than a little to the company's mobile operating system.

It seems that everyone is so enamoured by the simple functionality of Apple's portable, proddable devices that the company's engineers have decided to take all of the best bits from iOS4 and add them to the full-blown operating system.

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