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Comment Re:Progress (Score 1) 183

I prick am waiting damn for the honkey robots damn to bitch run slut amok... shit. Disabling the tourettesmachine. ...waiting for the day when the robots come to my house, take my stuff and put it back into a warehouse. Then I will realize I did not need most of those items - can do just fine without them. This will be evolutionary bitch.

Comment Re:I don't understand the specific complaint (Score 2) 61

Until the educators master computer technology all hope is lost. Most teachers in the district I work would be hard pressed to describe the difference between a USB cable and an Ethernet cable. What would a nation of expert coders look like? How many of these citizens would be impatient, diabetic, over weight and myopic; cheap to hire?

Comment Re:imagine that. (Score 1) 113

Sometimes I would be happy if a student found a work-around to the restrictions. At least they're trying something. Many students struggle with simple navigation within the computer. Having students merely select the correct printer is a huge win here. User desktop placement of shortcuts to specific apps and sites is a constant request by teachers - who are severely time constrained - 45 minutes to get in and get out, yeah I get it. But if the student can't click on it the student can't do anything ... and so students are spoon fed icons. As a technician in a large school district malicious willful damage to the computers and peripherals is the bigger concern; some may call that boredom - or a short attention span side effect.

Comment Re:Solar model of sun spots stinks! (Score 1) 17

Solar scientists are unable to explain these temperature differences. The American Astronomical Society recently had a gathering ( where evidence was presented about yet another conjured-up feature/explanation: "nano-flares" in an attempt to explain the unexplainable. Solar scientists still mention magnetic reconnection as a possible mechanism. The electric universe group suggest more weight be given to observational evidence instead of mathematical constructs. That perhaps gravity is not the only force actively shaping the cosmos. Instead of resorting to more bizarre phenomena such as dark matter/ dark energy, WIMPS, and so on - created mathematically to decipher the unknown - to make-it-fit in a gravity-only schema that electricity, evidence of which is acknowledged to be present in space is not a benign force. Instead of dismissing the electrical universe theory with derogatory hateful words simply agree to disagree.

Comment Re:And why not? (Score 3, Informative) 227

Even if we give the nuclear industry a pass on the problems/issues with radioactive waste disposal a tremendous amount of carbon is expended in the mining/refining and transportation of the nuclear fuel. This carbon foot print seems to be forgotten; it can because the location of the uranium ore is not a consideration for siting the reactor: out of site out of mind. Hydro electric dams and wind turbines also have an initial carbon load. However once the dam or turbine is built only maintenance is required, not on going fueling, however small it may be.

Comment Re:Sure some theories will change but... (Score 0) 231

Halton Arp and the electric universe folk suggest red shift is not a measure of age/distance but rather of electrical stress. If the universe is not expanding; if electricity is the dominant force, not gravity, then the only paradox here is why we keep spending billions of dollars propping-up the gravity based status-quo?

Comment Re:Shutter (Score 1) 324

Or a bright red LED light, right in the centre when the cam is recording. Beyond that, make them cheap enough so no one is encouraged to steal them. And/or a remote wipe/kill switch such that if the glasses are stolen they are rendered useless. The police do not need another crime inducing gadget on their plate.

Comment Re:A Big Money Pit of Dubious Value (Score 5, Interesting) 169

As a school district tech I see school computers largely used as either babysitters or required devices for state administered standardized testing. Beyond that one problem is many teachers just-don't-get-it. Something as routine as forcing high school students to change their passwords brings our district help desk to a grinding halt. Educators complain about having multiple passwords for their domain login and the web-based grading application. The students pick-up on this attitude. Among the largest requests the help desk receives are setting the default printer and creating a shortcut on the desktop for various websites. No fancy software bundle can fix this.

Comment Re:even more telling... (Score 1) 255

Exactly, it's a management issue. Employee reviews should catch the lack of productivity. It's a different issue when the under-performer takes advantage of his or her status/ won't get-up-to speed. When management refuses to act on blatant productivity issues morale plummets. First management steps should identify the problem then make corrective efforts. But if the efforts fail termination should be an option otherwise the organization is merely enabling bad behavior.

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