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Comment Re:Automated Post (Score 1) 404

Ya, I hear you -- I almost think that automating will create *more* jobs building and maintaining that automation. Those jobs are just different (often with different skils, but not always) than the ones the automation replaced. We have very similar situation to what you described and ended up having to hire a few people to basically manage all that information.

Comment Re:They are full of shit (Score 1) 389

Yes, or buy a new computer, swap the PSU out of it, then return it with the broken one inside. It's not like they have the serial number of the PSU. I used to work there (13 years ago though) and we did that kind of thing for customers all the time -- swap out one part and send the whole thing back to the factory, customer goes home happy, store doesn't take a loss because it's an MFG defect.

BTW yes, there were employees who would 'accidentally' stumble on risque photos and things like that. Never heard of any of them downloading them to another device nor reporting to authorities though, I'm pretty certain that's not a company or store policy, but rather something specific to the manager & employees in the case.

Could you imagine if the oil change shops had drug dogs? This kind of feels like that.

Comment Re:Harness economic self interest (Score 2) 502

The problem in the argument is that one side of this argument isn't arguing with facts and is actually incentivized to demonize any data that contradicts their pre-determined conclusions.

In other words, it's politicized. Also, I would argue that neither side is actually arguing with facts. The facts may lean to one side, but that doesn't mean that the people arguing it actually have considered those facts.

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