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Comment Re: It's a trap (Score 4, Insightful) 879

I think the point my AC friend here is trying to illustrate is that so much of our country is lost in this same mindset as Trump. Clinton (and really any democrat, or even most of the republicans for that matter) is seen as nothing but the enemy to them. What's interesting to me is that most of my Democrat friends seem to actually support their candidate (Bernie or Hillary, but not both) and most of my Republican friends seem to oppose Trump but not actually support anyone. To me, the latter is impressive given the fact that they had so many people to choose from. My personal opinion is that no matter who wins, it will be another 4-8 years of not really doing much because congress and the house will continue to oppose the president strongly no matter who they are -- which may actually be our saving grace. Just peruse the comments on any article like this one on any US news website and see how many people are attacking each other (very offensively and aggressively, I might add) to see what is going on here.

Comment Re:Okay (Score 1) 819

Gun articles get clicks. If you look at how many comments Slashdot articles have around this one, you see: 44, 50, 21, 17, 9... but this article has 382. It is in the best interest of Slashdot itself to post articles that get clicks (a lot like Buzzfeed) rather than caring about what the content actually is. The real problem this causes is that we become more and more polarized, which you can see very clearly in the comments on this article, which causes all of us to take extreme positions. That prevents us from being able to fund *real* research so that we can even look at the stats to answer questions like yours: "Who are the dead people?" -- we (the citizens) are so busy spinning everything in whatever direction we already believe that all the media can do is try to keep a step ahead so we keep clicking their links (and seeing their ads). Guns are not the problem. Gun control is not the problem. American culture is our problem. It has always been both our strength and our weakness, but lately it has been a clear weakness and the rest of the world sees it.

Comment Re:Subject line is subject (Score 1) 246

I'm with you! Not to mention the "I may only need one" comment -- as though the money you're paying for the 'cloud' doesn't pay for all the manpower they need to manage all that storage. Yes, it is their core competency and they can do it better than you, so they very well may be able to do it cheaper than you can in-house, but pretending it's whittled down to one person is ridiculous.

Comment Re:finally some sanity! (Score 1) 173

Um, this article is specifically about the government in the Netherlands and how they finally decided to protect their constituents' privacy in this way, so you are very clearly wrong when you say:

It hasn't taken governments so long; there are other governments who do have stronger privacy protections (e.g., the Netherlands). It's American voters who are the problem.

It literally *has* taken the Netherlands government this long to do this. The article isn't even about America, and neither is the comment you replied to (at least not stated).

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