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Comment Re:Amount of gravity needed? (Score 1) 77

Or is there another solution? I'm certainly not anything close to an expert in this field, but maybe there's a biological or chemical solution rather than a physics solution. Also, outside of science fiction, I don't think we actually have a realistic way of generating artificial gravity. Right now the closest thing is to use centrifugal force by spinning a spacecraft, which we haven't actually done and apparently would require a much larger spacecraft as well as extra fuel to spin up and then adjust the spin over time.

I'm a little confused by this line in TFS:

Previously, NASA suspected that the condition was caused by the lack of gravity in space.

Which implies that they no longer think it's caused by lack of gravity. Apparently it's a subtle difference, but they seem to think it's due to microgravity in space and how it behaves, rather than the lack of gravity.

Comment Re:To answer the question. (Score 3, Insightful) 624

What do Slashdot readers think is causing what this article describes as "our epidemic of misinformation"?

Gullible Idiots and confirmation bias.

I'd say money. I mean, really, news outlets are almost all for-profit, and the ones that aren't still need money to operate. How do they get money? By selling ads. They get more money per ad if they can show that it is viewed by more people, so they run articles with racy headlines (clickbait). It doesn't really matter after that if the article is well researched or not, but it's cheaper to run it without reasonable edits and fact checking so that happens a lot more than we'd like to admit.

The people in our nation are almost 100% focused on making money and it's actually really hard to claim that our media outlets are a problem in this regard because it's true of nearly EVERYONE in the nation, in every field. Yes, including many 'non-profits' and churches.

So, when it comes down to it, you get what you pay for and because these news outlets are essentially free to you, the reader, then you need to realize you're not their customer -- the advertisers are. It's been said many many times on Slashdot before and it is still true -- you are actually their product.

Comment Re:High wages are not a divine right (Score 1) 587

One thing people in the US tend to forget is that the USA was one of the few countries that didn't have to rebuild from scratch after WWII.

Neither were India nor China... So i guess I'm missing your point. In fact, I would argue that MOST countries didn't have to rebuild after WWII. It only really affected Europe and northern Africa, and several island nations in the pacific.

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