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Comment Re:Free time (Score 1) 278

It's not that my free time is worth more to me, it's that I NEED that free time to ensure that I stay very good at and thus keep my first job. I get 5 hours of R&R every evening, double that on the weekend, and about 8 hrs of sleep daily. If I didn't have both the R&R and sleep, I'd suck a lot more at my job. It's not a dream job, but it's a good paying, stable job, that doesn't suck too much.
Good on everyone who shoots for more, but don't come bitching when it bites you in the ass.

Comment Re:I have seen some crazy responses here (Score 1) 740

Trump is a good negotiator because he spent most of his life fighting with unions and city government(s) to get what he wanted and make money. There is no way to have any success in that business - particularly in New York - without steely resolve to get what you want through whatever means are available.

I can excuse you, if you have never tried to do anything with unions and government, for perhaps believing this is easy.

Comment Re:I have seen some crazy responses here (Score 1) 740

*I* sound like an idiot? Perhaps. You sound like you're off your meds. "The world is not going to let..." oh please, conspiracy theories are great, aren't they?

Don't be retarded, people will continue to do what is in their economic interest. Trump will change what that means. The result cannot be determined at this time, because if you think you have a crystal ball, you really are nuts.

Comment Re:I have seen some crazy responses here (Score 1) 740

I think you strongly misread Trump's motivations and likely response to an act of Russian aggression. I don't think Putin misunderstands, though. He can see clearly through the NATO talk.

Remember that Trump knows how to negotiate, and most positions that he takes are intended to be bargained away while he achieves his real intention. We haven't seen an actual negotiator in office for a very long time, so we may expect our Presidents to be straight man dupes for foreign leaders. That doesn't have to be the case, though.

Trump wants to save the US effort, or get funds for defending Europe. He has no intention of dropping out of NATO or anything like that. I mean, I doubt I am spoiling things for him by saying this. I suspect Europe's leaders will find the risk too high to avoid doing business with him.

Comment I have seen some crazy responses here (Score 4, Interesting) 740

Putin allowed these to be released to poke Obama in the eye. No more, no less. The fact that they feed into a long standing story of dishonesty and fraud on the part of the Clintons is incidental. He saw maximum value to let them go right before the DNC, because he knows, like I do, that these e-mails aren't going to decide the election. It wasn't worth holding them until November, as they'd be ineffectual then with all the mud flying in the last couple of weeks.

They are, however, one of hundreds of data points that will decide this election.

He doesn't "support Trump" at all. He'd prefer a HRC in charge - less risk, but he doesn't believe he could turn a US election anyway with any of his tools available. Those who believe otherwise are conspiracy theorists.

Comment Re:Smartphone size? (Score 1) 511

This my friend is a correct problem analysis

What is the problem?
The 3.5mm audio jack limits the minimum thickness of phones.
What is the cause?
Physical properties.
What is the solution?
Standardize a thinner analog audio jack. Possible bonus: Making sure all existing 3.5mm jack "extensions" like additional microphone are included.

However, this being mainly driven by Apple the obviously correct solution above is not what they want. The problem analysed from their point of view looks like the following:

What is the problem?
We would like to sell more and expensive audio accessories to people, even though they actually do not need this. Also we would like to do this as exclusively as possible, without bothersome competition
What is the cause?
People already own a lot of existing audio hardware that works just fine. And there is a lot of competition with a low barrier to entry.
What is the solution?
Remove the option to use the 3.5mm jack (and justify by blaming physical size) and thus force people to just discard all their existing, fully functional audio hardware and buy new (from us).

And now before you start objecting that the analogue audio signal is not as good as what a digital signal could be (let's ignore for the moment the relevance of this considering the typical noisy environment a phone is used in), then consider the following: There exists zero technical obstacles to designing a jack that defaults to analogue but can be switched into digital. Any objections to this would be of political nature.

Comment Re:Religion is a mental disorder (Score 1) 326

No need. You've demonstrated your inability to address anything substantive about these topics, with the 30 or so points you've skipped over so far due to complete inability to respond.

Your pithy little conclusion won't change the reality, reviewable by anyone. You don't know terminology, you don't know the theoretical structures involved, you understand neither the philosophy of science, nor science itself.

You know that whatever it takes, your "science" must protect you from reality and the evidence within it you prefer to run from. Fortunately, you can't damage religion, and you can only damage science to a limited extent, before you get naturally deselected. Fair enough.

Comment Re:Religion is a mental disorder (Score 1) 326

Reproducibility is one of the main principles of the scientific method.

Well, your link. A "principle" is not an absolute requirement, and scientific method is a -subset- of science.

Read down in your own link for cases of domains that are definitely considered science that currently have reproducibility issues. Still science.

Or, note any of my previous examples that are definitely science without entirely reproducible propositions.

Or, well, get a clue. I feel comfortable saying that since you'll have no choice. As you encounter actual science as actually practiced, no other result can happen.

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