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Comment Doubts (Score 1) 329

From one angle, why do I have a feeling that this possiblility of the system being complex and fragile was deliberately intended to use the patients as potential human-shields against Anonymous? And from another angle, assuming that complexity and fragility was a false claim aimed for trickery, wouldn't that confuse Anonymous' attacks to possibly control and lessen the potential damage caused by their attacks on the healthcare servers? If those healthcare centers are cooperating with the corrupted jurisdictional system, sooner or later, things wouldn't look good at all, neither the cyberspace nor in the streets against the officials. Another way to see it would be the possibility that the system is indeed complex and fragile, that it does affect the patients' alarm system, leading to patients getting either severly harmed or death. Those attacks wouldn't justify the prevention of harm just to return Justina home, and it wouldn't support Anonymous for their cause to help the powerless against perhaps the corporational bullies and corrupts. Classifying Anonymous as a group of criminals that tries to help a girl that was forcefully taken away from her parents return back home is absurd. Being a criminal is one thing, while being a vigilante for the sake of helping the weak is something totally different.

Comment Math and Programming (Score 1) 1086

In my opinion, programming is putting mathematical concepts/theories/hypothesis into practical use based on a particular problem, and it depends on which programming language you're using and what mathematical concept you're using to solve a particular problem. Consider the usage assembly language as an LLL -- Low-Level Language; you'd use boolean algebra for not only coding, but also to interface a circuit under some circumstances, or just to understand the computer organization and architecture like those of VNA --Von Neumann Architecture. As for other HLLs -High-Level Languages like C/C++, Java, JS, C#, or Python, the picture becomes clear that you don't need to deal with the machine/low level specifics as such in the assembly language to manipulate binary digits. Instead, you use basic logic and algebra to reach your final goal from the source code. What I'm trying to state here is that the degree of the programming language determines the level of math and the type of math that you need to use to accomplish your desired task. Unfortunately, highschools have specified plans by the department of education, so it's no wonder that they're forced to stick with that plan. I mean, it is important to understand, for example, boolean algebra to understand the functionality of logical circuits, but it would seem absurd/weird to put that into the education system in schools. But culculus and linear algebra are being taught since childhood, and they're still being taught in colleges/universties. So, the question that pops into my mind right now; "How do we improve the mathematics classes in order to provide coverage for major fields that puts mathematics into practice?" To me, I don't know, but if I was a highschool student, I would either study whatever is given to me and keep up with the educational changes, or just get more information by reading external materials other than those presented in the highschool, of course if I'm interested in learning rather than waiting for the class bell to ring.

Comment Motherbugger (Score 1) 793

C was the first programming language I ever encountered in the era of programming. I still like it for its simplicity, speed, and compatibility with its counterpart, C++. I'm not saying that it's the best or worst programming language that everyone must learn or hate, but I just say that whatever keeps you happy in programming is the one for you, generally speaking.

Comment Administration n' Logic (Score 1) 232

Administration policies, in most universities and institutes, aren't so logical in a sense that allows educational/academic flexibility, allowing some respect of comprehension present in the scene within students. If we keep hiring stupid employees who are responsible in making policies, no wonder we, the intellectual individuals, would get angry so quickly that we begin a massive debate over their faulty policies.

Comment Ln X (Score 1) 299

GNU/Linux is a very well-known choice for researchers and scientists for its enormous community of supporters, the documentations it has in different aspects of software engineering, the flexibility of hardware support in different architectures, and for the availability of tools in order to reach a particular goal. Whatever the tools those scientists from different fields use, we thank them for their hard efforts of accomplishments.

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