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Comment Re:Trust? (Score 5, Funny) 210

> Apparently Microsoft uses the word "Trust" in the same way Apple uses the word "Courage". I still haven't figured out what either one means..

MS Trust: "I'm altering the deal. Trust I don't alter it any further." DUN DUN DE DUN.

Apple Courage: "It is easy confuse to Courage with Stupidity -- we did. If you're stupid enough to spend yet more money on over-priced wireless crap to replace the gear you already have, we have the courage to sell it to you."

Comment Re:There are Pros and Cons (Score 2) 53


Here are the things that if an edit button is included that should also be done:

* Allow a "grace period" of ~15 minutes to edit the post
* Optionally, if someone posts a reply, disable editing
* Clearly show a post has been edited
* Allow the viewer to see the _first_ original version AND with the _current_ version.

Comment There are Pros and Cons (Score 1) 53

I've thought about this issue over years as I use both /. and Reddit.

There are pros and cons of not having an edit button:

= Pros of Edit =

* I don't have to worry about spelling or grammar mistakes -- since I can fix them later
* I can expand to include additional thoughts post submit (I use this feature all the time on Reddit.)

= Cons of Edit =

* I can be lazy and just type stuff up not worrying about grammar and flow knowing that I can fix it "later"
* Posts can be redacted after the initial submit making it hard to know what the original version said. It is nice knowing a post hasn't been "tampered with"
* You usually can't see a history of edits to see what was changed and why. This is one area StackOverflow does well.

For every argument for having an edit button, I think a case could be made against it.

However I think there is an argument that swings it to the "edit side". The thing about having an edit button is that you don't have to use it. It solves "most" of the issues.

C'est la vie

Region Locking is Price Fixing

Comment Re:Keep it original... (Score 5, Insightful) 304

> Whut? Why TF would he do that?

Because George is highly insecure.

He has to keep fucking around with Star Wars, tweaking this, fixing that, until it is "perfect" in his mind's eye.

As an artist he doesn't realize he needs to move on. The work is what is. Fans loved the original vision. Some fans love the changes. Some don't.

George Lucas is unable to respect the fans that want to see the original version.

We're happy with the original. Is it perfect? No. But it is perfectly fine the way it is.

Comment Re:Wow, another computer language. (Score 1) 343

> Butchering? Bullshit

Yes, butchering.

What part about RPC (Remote Procedural Calls) do you not understand?

Go watch Alan Kay's talk.

> And do you really think it is interesting that others have had the same (kind of) ideas before?

No, it isn't that interesting. If one has a great idea, chances are someone else will ALSO come up with. i.e. Leibniz and Newton simultaneously co-invented calculus.

> Are your completely ignorant of history in general and technical history in particular?

Hello, McFly. Why do you think I give examples of where people have repeatedly re-invented the SAME idea.

Go read Multiple discovery

Comment Re:Wow, another computer language. (Score 1) 343

No, just Silver Bullets (TM).

Every language goes through this fad phase. It gets used for 20 years, then everyone forgets about for the next 20, then everyone jumps on the bandwagon when retro is hip again.

You see this all the time.

i.e. Hyperlink had been (re) invented two times PRIOR to Timothy Lee Burner butchering it.

Alan Kay - Normal Considered Harmful

Comment Re:for all you apple fanboys and fangirls (Score 0) 73

> Apple used to be is a luxury brand.


I love my MacBook Pro (Mid 2014), but lately Apple has jumped the shark and moved from a luxury brand to full iHipster.
Every so often they come up with a great idea (MagSafe) but then they go full retard and remove it (!) Along with them soldering the memory to the motherboard, while I understand they are trying to cut costs, is a full dick move.

Apple has lost their way.

Comment Re:for all you apple fanboys and fangirls (Score 1) 73

So you write off an entire company just because of a few idiots?

Do you actually use anything at all because I can guarantee it that everything under the Sun has been used for dumb shit.

How about instead of judging a product based on an idiotic fashion statement you instead evaluate it on practicality ?

I'm not defending earbuds -- they suck compared to a "real" circumaural headphones (over-ear headphones) -- you can pry my Sens 380 Pro and Sony MDR 7506 from my cold, dead hands -- but go ahead and keep labeling _everyone_ who uses Apple products as "drinking the Kool Aide (TM)"

Region Locking is Price Fixing.

Submission + - Tinder and Grindr dating apps linked to more than 500 UK crimes (

schwit1 writes: Data compiled by almost three-quarters of police forces across England and Wales listed 523 crimes from the past five years where official logs included the words Tinder or Grindr.

It comes after serial killer Stephen Port was jailed last month for the murders of four young men, including Daniel Whitworth, he met on gay websites and apps including Grindr. Lib Dem leader Tim Farron warned: “I worry that these shocking figures could just be the tip of the iceberg.”

Submission + - New York State To Motorists: All Your Info Are Belong To Us ( 1

schwit1 writes: Beginning next month, all motorists who wish to travel through the Hugh L. Carey Tunnel or Queens Midtown Tunnel in New York City will have no choice but to hand over their location data to the government. Previously it was possible volunteer this information by way of “EZ Pass,” which motorists can purchase and install in their vehicles. However, those who wished not to utilize “EZ Pass” had the option of paying the old fashioned way, by handing over U.S. currency to attendants.

But now New York State is instituting a brand new “innovation” for these various crossings. No longer will there be any option available for those who’d prefer that the government not indiscriminately collect their data. As of January 2017, anyone traveling these bridges and tunnels will be forced forfeit their information by way of “scanning devices” which indiscriminately suck up the license plate information of every vehicle passing through.

Thus decrees King Cuomo II: “Customers who do not pay their tolls are subject to $50 violation fees, car registration suspensions, and other enforcement actions.”

Nanny-statists gotta nanny-state.

Comment Marketing, kid. (Score 1) 2

Q. Why do you think Crapivision can keep re-selling the _same_ game over and over again?
A. Marketing

The problem is mainstream reviewers are bought off. They don't call out the developers for shoveling their crap -- "Don't bite the hand that feeds you." -- because if they did, they would lose "early access" and "exclusives".

Some people DO call out these shenanigans. i.e. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered (CoD:MWR) just won the "Worst Game of 2016" from The Jimquisition
i.e. The *only* way to get CoD:MWR is to buy the crappy CoD: Infinite Warfare.

To get a proper review you need to read aggregated reviews, like Meta-Critic. Better yet, read the Steam reviews by people who have played the game for 10+ hours.

Otherwise you're just listening to someone else's marketing spiel.

Comment Blame ASCII, Outlook, and X (Score 1) 207

This problem has been around for ages:

If you look at early computer keyboard, Apple ][+ there is only one type of double-quote.

! " # $ % & ' ( ) * =
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 : -

When the Apple //e came out, it has a modern keyboard

! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ +
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 - =

The double-quote was moved to the same key as the single quote.

Part of the problem is that the ASCII standard screwed things up by NOT providing dedicated Curly Quotes. HACKs such as ` and ' became popular on X.
ASCII and Unicode quotation marks

Unfortunately, the X Window System fonts contained for a long time the following mutually symmetric glyphs:

0x27 APOSTROPHE -- end curly single quote
0x60 GRAVE ACCENT -- begin curly single quote

Outlook also fucked things up by auto-correcting quotes into "Smart Quotes".

And of course most compilers are too stupid to understand anything other then ASCII so they barf on as well.

Banning double-quotes isn't solving the problem. Having _dedicated keys_ for them would.

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