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Comment I personally... (Score 1) 172

... Only had around 30GB, BUT my husband (who stores all the movies, games, shows, music, "other" data) has roughly 4TB on 3 computers. About 1.5TB is from this year.

I think even all my dropbox assignments are stored on his...

I just have a silly 250GB laptop. (It's kinda old)


Submission + - Microsoft will 'crush' Google and 'muscle-out' Apple ( 1

zacharye writes: Google’s Android platform clearly dominates the mobile landscape in terms of market share, and though Samsung continues to close in, Apple leads the pack in profitability by a wide margin. According to one industry watcher, however, they should all be watching out for Microsoft. Sizemore Capital’s Charles Sizemore writes that “Microsoft will ultimately muscle-out Apple as the leader in smartphones and tablets.” He says the war will be long and grueling, but Microsoft will ultimately pull ahead because Apple has no ”durable long-term advantages” to keep customers loyal. He also contends that “Apple’s insistence on controlling every aspect of both its software and hardware puts it at a disadvantage to a more flexible Microsoft.”...

Comment Re:I don't really, but... (Score 1) 231

LMAO! I use to do the same thing at Wal-Mart when I lived in Tennessee! Such a scary but funny sight to see! I personally do not partake in the ritualistic sacrifices to the gods of material, money, and glam on Black Friday. I'll prolly sleep in til 2pm, like I do every other day and then go do something to try to fill the void that is usually occupied with work. OOOO, wait! Maybe this year I could become the photo journalist I've always wanted to be and take pictures from the front lines of the battlefields!!!! Heheheeee! I've been learning how to do profession photography the past month. Great way to get some experience... If I get "shot" will someone please commemorate me? Develop my pics so it won't be in vain?

Comment Re:So Sad (Score 1) 684

And that's how you get adults who are anti-social and awkward around other adults once they get into the "real world". The WORST thing you can do is take them out of a situation(s) where they cannot handle what's going on. If you want to ensure that your child can handle these situations, let them experience it and then sit down with them and talk about it and how they could handle it better. And I don't mean by going to an authoritative figure or just running from a situation. Coming from a smart girl who was picked on in elementary school, I learn to better cope with those situations because my own mother sat me down, let me explain what happened, told me to get tough and what I could do to make the situation better for me next time. I was never in a physical fight. I used my brain and developed the wit to get back at my bullies. By the time I was in middle school, I wasn't really bothered, and when I was I had myself and others to back me up. Yes, I sometimes was called a goodie-good but I was sociable with others while making straight A's. Some parents are the problem by hindering a child from developing in all aspects. Helicopter parents, IMO, are the worst out there.

Submission + - Vishera-based AMD FX processors make debut (

crookedvulture writes: "The next generation of AMD FX processors has arrived. Otherwise known as Vishera, this new chip features up to eight cores based on the updated Piledriver microarchitecture. It's a speed demon, with clocks ranging as high as 4.2GHz in Turbo mode, and relatively inexpensive, with prices under $200. For heavily threaded tasks, the top-of-the-line FX-8350 offers largely better performance than competing Intel chips. However, the FX's performance isn't as impressive in single-threaded workloads and in games. The chip is also quite a power hog, pulling over 100W more at the wall socket than an equivalent Intel CPU. All of the FX chips have unlocked multipliers, though, and it looks like they might be decent overclockers."

Submission + - SPAM: Pandigital R70B200 Star Android Multi Media 7-inch Tablet Computer

aronmaeda writes: "For those looking for the most portable yet strong tablet providing the greatest worth, the Pandigital Star is an excellent widescreen multimedia tablet, driven by AndroidTM, best for all ages to study, work, or enjoy at home or on the go. Enjoy your favorite movies. Listen and download your favorite songs. Connect to your social networks. Check your e-mail. Surf the Net. Download and play the best games. And, deliver the enjoyment direct to your living room with complete HDMI support. With direct entry to the Barnes and Noble eStore your globe is open to more than two million books, newspapers and magazines to read or lend."
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Submission + - Can the Wii U repeat the success of the Wii? (

kube00 writes: The Wii may have been a success this generation but what does this mean for the Wii U? This is a complicated question. The Wii without a doubt blew away the 360/PS3 in sales numbers. This generation became less about which console had the best graphics but what could cater to the masses. But even with this success does this mean the Wii was truly the winner of this last generation and what does this mean for the Wii U?

Submission + - iPhone 5 A6 SoC reverse engineered, reveals rare hand-made custom CPU (

MrSeb writes: "Reverse engineering company Chipworks has completed its initial microscopic analysis of Apple's new A6 SoC (found in the iPhone 5), and there are some rather interesting findings. First, there's a tri-core GPU — and then there's a custom, hand-made dual-core ARM CPU. Hand-made chips are very rare nowadays, with Chipworks reporting that it hasn't seen a non-Intel hand-made chip for "years." The advantage of hand-drawn chips is that they can be more efficient and capable of higher clock speeds — but they take a lot longer (and cost a lot more) to design. Perhaps this is finally the answer to what PA Semi's engineers have been doing at Apple since the company was acquired back in 2008..."

Submission + - U.S. Beer Is Cheaper Than Anywhere Else in the World 1

derekmead writes: It’s frustrating to drop $7 on a pint of beer in New York City, as it turns out, Americans have the cheapest beer on Earth. International bank UBS gathered data about the median wages and average retail prices of a 500mL (pint) beer in 150 countries. Those data were compiled to figure out how many minutes of work it takes the average worker of a country to earn enough money to buy a beer.

It’s funny that UBS analysts are spending time looking at beer, but considering that beer is beloved and nigh essential everywhere, it offers an interesting comparison between commodities and wages. For example, India tops the least, with the median worker having to work nearly an hour to afford a pint thanks to extremely low wages. In the U.S. however, where wages are relatively high and the cost of the average beer is quite low (thanks to those super-massive macrobreweries out there), it takes the median worker about five minutes of labor to afford a retail (store-, not bar-bought) pint. That’s the shortest amount of time in the world, which means that, relatively speaking, beer is cheaper here than anywhere else.

Submission + - TV Game Show Contestants Sue Over Trick Computer Password Question

Hugh Pickens writes writes: "Eriq Gardner writes that on the premiere episode of Fox's Million Dollar Money Drop — which ran for 12 episodes from December 2010 to February 2011 — contestants Andrew and Patricia Murray were asked what is the most common computer password: "Password," "123456," or "I Love You." They opted for "Password" and bet all $580,000 they had remaining from the $1 million they started with. The Murrays guessed wrong losing everything. Or did they? After losing the money, the plaintiffs apparently researched the question further and discovered that data-security firm Imperva who provided the answer did not conduct its own, objective survey of computer users. Instead, the assertion that "123456" is the most common password was based on an analysis of a hacking incident involving a website, The Murrays say the question should have read, "According to a hacking incident involving the inadvertent leak of user passwords on the website" The Murrays still face formidable obstacles in court including a 13-page, take-it-or-leave-it "Contestant Release Agreement" plus a 16-page Million Dollar Money Drop Official Rules. "We have a feeling that 'What's the most common way to beat an iron-clad waiver' will make it onto a law school exam one day," writes Gardner. "According to John Roberts at Ball & Roberts, who is representing the Murrays, the answer is intentional and negligent misrepresentation, breach of written and oral contract, negligence and fraud.""

Submission + - Black Hole Behemoth Shreds Baby Star System (

astroengine writes: "A new analysis of recent observations finds evidence for a protoplanetary disk around a red dwarf star plunging in the direction of the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy. Ruth Murray-Clay and Avi Loeb of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics did the theoretical work. Stefan Gillessen of the Max-Planck-Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics made the observations using the European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope. The red dwarf star will make its closest approach in the summer of 2013, hurtling only 270 billion miles from black hole. (Or roughly 54 solar system diameters, as measured from the furthest edge of the Kuiper belt.) It won't get sucked into the black hole, but it will be flung back along its elliptical orbit out to a distance of a little more than 1/10 light-years."
Data Storage

Submission + - WD My Book VelociRaptor Duo Thunderbolt-driven External Storage Tested (

MojoKid writes: "Thunderbolt, originally dubbed by Intel as “Light Peak”, is a dual-protocol interface that combines PCI-Express and DisplayPort into one metaprotocol with bi-directional speeds of up to 10Gbps. The technology makes even the relatively speedy USB 3.0 interface (5Gbps) look downright pokey by comparison. Western Digital teamed Thunderbolt’s impressive interface bandwidth with a pair of the company's 1TB VelociRaptor 10,000RPM HDDs and called it the My Book VelociRaptor Duo. Performance-wise, in a RAID 0 configuration (Mac only currently), the external storage device offers raw throughput approaching that of a high-end SSD but with the benefit of Terabytes of capacity. The new WD device does run a tad hot and noisy with those 10K RPM drives stuffed into a bookshelf speaker-sized enclosure. Targeted at content creation professionals with the need for speed, it's not cheap either."
Open Source

Submission + - Maryland Election's online voter registration software is open sourced (

jjensen.mike writes: "Maryland recently moved to allow online voter registration, a step many states have been following. Online registration reduces the potential for clerical errors and helps new voters get into the system as soon as possible. Maryland just announced they are open sourcing the software they wrote for this purpose. Hopefully this will make it easier for other states to follow suit and implement online voter registration as well."

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