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Comment Re:Still Expensive (Score 1) 372

Any government-run medical system must limit the amount of goods and services provided. Otherwise, costs would quickly spiral out of control.


Government healthcare means that those in charge must make decisions to ration services and those decisions WILL result in the deaths of some people in the system. Is that a "death panel"? IMO, that term conjures up the wrong image, but I can see why people use it.

"Any medical system must limit the amount of goods and services provided. Otherwise, costs would quickly spiral out of control."

FTFY. All scarce resoources are rationed. If you think that medical goods and services aren't rationed in a private healthcare system, you are mistaken. The conversation is (or at least, should be) how to distribute those scarce resources in the "best" way possible. The problem is that right now, everybody has their own definition of what "best" means.

Comment Re:so... (Score 1) 600

Personally, I'd rather Trump wasn't president. I suspect many, if not most, people who voted for Trump also would rather he wasn't president. However, when his opponent drops into name calling ("deplorables" likely did as much as anything to sink Clinton's campaign), most didn't see much choice.

While it is absolutely true that Clinton didn't do herself any favors with that line about deplorables, Trump was doing just fine (won primaries, won the nomination, etc. etc.) before she made that crack. People were voting for him in droves before she said it.

Comment Re:Need to prevent small companies from H1B (Score 1) 400

That is clearly illegal. The "mom and pop" contractor is required to pay market rates to H1B visa holders. So now I have to ask, since it is illegal what enforcement actions can be taken and who has standing to bring that action?

I think the best bet is to contact either ICE (Immigration & Customs Enforcement) or CIS (Citizenship & Immigration Services). Or maybe both, just to be sure.

Comment Re:Wrong (Score 1) 333

CompanyA sells a product that claims it contains magic. You find it has none, you sue them for false advertising. Company has to pay you for court costs, loss of wealth in purchasing their good, and damages if any exist. CompanyA can go bankrupt in the process, and perhaps you end up owning CompanyA when all is said and done.

CompanyB sees that CompanyA did wrong, and suffered consequences for their actions. CompanyB advertises a product without magic, but instead what the product actually contains. CompanyB stays in business, and people buy their products as needed. Wow! We have just described a basic fundamental of Capitalism and how Western Law works! No need for the Department of Magic in Products which reduces the overall costs for goods. People can actually purchase _more_ of CompanyB's stuff and CompanyB can actually make more stuff, or even branch out into CompanyC.

I don't know if you're trolling or not, to expect that your average consumer is going to sue "CompanyA" over a $5 tube of aloe vera gel and somehow wind up owning said company. I couldn't convince a smart 12-year-old of that actually happening in the real world.

While your example sounds great in theory, here's what happens all too often in the real world:

CompanyA sells a product that claims it contains magic. You find it has none, but don't do anything because it is impossible for the average consumer to finance a lawsuit by themselves, and class-action lawsuits are extremely rare with a miniscule payout to everybody but the lawyers. Knowing this, 99.99% of the time people just shrug and move on with their lives. CompanyA may or may not have to pay some nominal fine which doesn't come close to the money they made through their lies.

CompanyB sees CompanyA make lots of profit and get away with it, and decides that they want a seat at the table.

And how do we know that that last part happens? Because if you had bothered to read even the summary, you would have seen that that is what actually happened.

I find it ironic that you are the one making snarky comments about cognitive dissonance.

Comment Re:government regulations (Score 1) 333

In fact, I'm a little surprised some enterprising company out there didn't create a "real" product first, then expose the fraud afterwards. Because capitalism.

There is frequently a large gap between theory (how people think the market should react), and practice (how the market actually reacts).

This entire situation proves, if nothing else, that in this industry, regulation obviously isn't needed.

It does nothing of the kind.

Comment Re:But Republicans believe local... (Score 4, Interesting) 54

...government is best, right? Right? Nope, actually they just suck up to the Corporations a bit faster than Democrats, sadly. If only they had not screwed up by forcing Hillary on us as the non-Trump instead of Bernie. Sigh....

Now, now. If you keep talking like that, you're going to cause migraine-inducing cognitive dissonance amongst a certain portion of the population. Although I do have to laugh at the irony of the "free market" resulting in "socialism"* as an act of defiance/desperation.

Kudos to the local City Council for coming up with this remedy, even if it's only temporary. Hopefully the absurdity of the situation will draw enough attention to it that the corrupt state lawmakers are forced to do the right thing.

Imagining the reaction of the local broadband providers' executives when they first heard about this plan makes me chuckle.

* Yes, I am perfectly aware that the "internet access"-market is anything but a free market, and the City Council's response isn't socialism.

Submission + - Russian Hacker, Wanted by F.B.I., Is Arrested in Prague, Czechs Say (

Bookworm09 writes: PRAGUE — A man identified as a Russian hacker suspected of pursuing targets in the United States has been arrested in the Czech Republic, the police announced Tuesday evening.

The suspect was captured in a raid at a hotel in central Prague on Oct. 5, about 12 hours after the authorities heard that he was in the country, where he drove around in a luxury car with his girlfriend, according to the police. The man did not resist arrest, but he had medical problems and was briefly hospitalized, the police said in a statement.

Comment Re:Fees == false advertising (Score 2) 81

I completely agree. The absolute worst offenders (that I'm aware of, anyway) are car rental agencies. Plan on the actual daily rate being about double the advertised rate. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people in the US who believe that any attempt to force businesses to be transparent like that is "socialism". It would be funny if it didn't have such pervasive and profound negative consequences.

Comment Re:Fees == false advertising (Score 5, Insightful) 81

"Let's be clear, all these fees exist as a way to hide the true cost of the service."

Not really. They exist to inflate pricing while allowing an advertised rate that doesn't actually include what should be part of the service fees.

You are basically saying the same thing the OP said. The cable companies are artificially/fraudulently lowering the advertised cost in order to entice people to sign up. He just chose to phrase it differently.

"hide the true cost of the service" == "allowing an advertised rate that doesn't actually include what should be part of the service fees"

Comment Re:In Chelsea's defense (Score 1) 377

Unlike so many of that set though he did manage to make a lot of money which he lost then made more then lost that and then made more. Reminds me of Ted Turner who also went bankrupt several times. Those guys are risk takers and wheeler dealers...

Here's the thing: Trump didn't "make" that money in the sense that most people use it. It's more accurate to say that he stole that money (maybe not all of it, but certainly a fair portion of it) from gullible people who trusted his schtick about being a savvy businessman.


Comment Re:Don't forget (Score 1) 523

Adams endorsed Clinoton because he didn't want to get beat up by her supporters.

It is interesting how many posters including the submittor and EditorDavid don't have a clue.

So he claims. And it may very well be true; I don't know. But here's the problem. If you read his blog you will see he has said numerous times that "the truth doesn't matter", in the context of declaring Trump a "persuasion genius". The fact that Trump lies so much that he manages to make Hillary Clinton look honest by comparison (which is no mean feat) doesn't seem to bother Adams in the slightest. The inescapable conclusion is that Adams will blatantly and gleefully lie his ass off to get what he wants. Just like he admires Trump for doing. Genius "master persuaders" like Trump clearly don't need to be constrained by trifling details like facts. And if you disagree with him, he will dismiss you as just not being a genius like he is.

Comment Re:He's not done yet! (Score 2) 523

Ahhh, but that's what the Certified Genius Master Persuader Scott Adams wants you to think!

You've fallen right into his trap! While you're playing checkers he and his six pack are playing 15th dimensional Go Chess!!

Man, I wish I had mod points for you. Reading his blog over the last few months has made it painfully clear what a narcissistic dipshit he really is. "Because I'm a hypnotist!!1", is his explanation of every stupid claim he makes. It's sad; I used to enjoy the Dilbert strip. They're mostly ruined for me now.

Instead of being like the character Dilbert, he's more like a cross of the PHB and Dogbert.

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