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Submission + - Eric Raymond gets the clue stick from uber-hacker 11

An anonymous reader writes: Eric Raymond recently wrote to defend open-source innovation against the vicious attacks of some rabid proprietary software zealot. The guy later complains that ESR quoted him out of context, and that he exaggerates the role hackers played in the development of the web, drawing a parallel with his own role in 3D games. ESR, apparently very unimpressed, misses the clue entirely and goes all nuclear on him: "You are articulating the assumptions of someone who is merely talented. I, on the other hand, have known geniuses [...] I may actually be one myself." End of story? Not quite, here is the kicker. The guy responds: "To the best of my knowledge, there are less than 30 people on this planet who can claim having designed a successful operating system entirely from scratch[...]. I'm one of them." It turns out that ESR's "victim", not content with having written one of the earliest 3D game, is also behind HP's Itanium virtualization technology...

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