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Submission + - Researchers propose alternative way to allocate science funding (

arobatino writes: From the article:

The new approach is possible due to recent advances in mathematics and computer technologies. The system involves giving all scientists an annual, unconditional fixed amount of funding to conduct their research. All funded scientists are, however, obliged to donate a fixed percentage of all of the funding that they previously received to other researchers. As a result, the funding circulates through the community, converging on researchers that are expected to make the best use of it. “Our alternative funding system is inspired by the mathematical models used to search the internet for relevant information,” said Bollen. “The decentralized funding model uses the wisdom of the entire scientific community to determine a fair distribution of funding.”

Submission + - University in Malaysia gives Kim Jong-un an honorary doctorate in economics ( 1

arobatino writes: From the article:

If the North Korean state news agency has it right, the particular doctorate is perhaps as much of a surprise for those outside the isolated nation as the honor itself. Dr. Kim, it says, is now a doctor of economics. The news report does not mention that he oversees one of the world’s poorest and most dysfunctional economies.


Submission + - Introducing the 'State Secrets' Drinking Game (

arobatino writes: From the article:

'So in the holiday spirit of things, we are posting the videos here so they may be enjoyed as a reason to drink — and not just because of the subject material. With friends and family, imbibe your beverage of choice every time Judge White, Justice Department attorney Anthony Coppolino or Richard Wiebe, the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s lawyer or any other participant utters “state secrets.”

Or just focus on Coppolino. You’re guaranteed to get inebriated.

For heavier drinkers, you can up the ante by drinking when one of them substitutes “state secrets” with the words “privilege” or “doctrine.”

Either way, when the hearing is over, you may have to check yourself into Alcoholics Anonymous.'


Submission + - Research Discovery Could Revolutionalize Semiconductor Manufacture (

arobatino writes: A new method of manufacturing semiconductors which eliminates the substrate (in other words, no wafer) could be much faster and cheaper. From the article:

'A completely new method of manufacturing the smallest structures in electronics could make their manufacture thousands of times quicker, allowing for cheaper semiconductors. The findings have been published in the latest issue of Nature.

Instead of starting from a silicon wafer or other substrate, as is usual today, researchers have made it possible for the structures to grow from freely suspended nanoparticles of gold in a flowing gas.'


Submission + - Should citizenship not depend on birthplace?

arobatino writes: An op-ed in the New York Times concludes:

In early modern Europe, vagabonds without passes were hanged, imprisoned, branded and shipped off to the colonies, including America. Requiring a birth certificate to document citizenship is no less irrational. We need governments, but we don’t need nations. People should be free to move across borders; they should be citizens of the states where they happen to reside — period.

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