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Comment Re: Really, i mean, really ?? (Score 2) 278

no offence taken. I personally consider the pushing back against what is in essence a completely wastefull, invasive, and ineffective use of my tax dollars a worthwhile endeavor. I dont think you realize just how harmfull the TSA's tactics are to the USA and it's citizens. By spending massive amounts of money on what every single security expert knows is nothing more than security theatre, they are not spending it on genuine security measures. That along with the erosion of freedom they represent is not something I will allow to happen in my name and to me with indifference. As far as my nakedness is concerned, I dont care. In fact, I fully plan on taking off all my clothing except my boxers should they try to force me into the machine.

Comment Re: Hyberbole much? (Score 1) 278

The airlines are completely responsible for security on their airplanes, they have a choice to delegate to the TSA or hire their own firm. "Private screening did not disappear under the TSA, which allows airports to opt out of federal screening and hire firms to do the job instead. Such firms must still get TSA approval under its Screening Partnership Program (SPP) and follow TSA procedures.[5] Among the U.S. airports with privately operated checkpoints are San Francisco International Airport; Kansas City International Airport; Greater Rochester International Airport; Tupelo Regional Airport; Key West International Airport; Charles M. Schulz â" Sonoma County Airport; and Jackson Hole Airport.[6][7]"

Comment Re: Hyberbole much? (Score 5, Insightful) 278

I'm with you. I have been opting out since day one. Should I be required I will simply, and calmly refuse. If they do not allow me and my family to board then I will demand a refund from the airline since I agreed to a screening but not an irradiated, 95% failure rate one. They will have to issue a refund or book me on a later flight. If not, I will issue a chargeback on my card and sue them and the TSA, and FAA, for any damages. If enough of us stand up there is a chance, if everyone continues to be spineless sheep then we are screwed. Disney just installed metal detectors at parks, work that one out and you will see where we are headed as a society. Stand the hell up for yourself and others!

Comment Re: Hyberbole much? (Score 5, Interesting) 278

Are you aware of the danger of a simple mechanical failure? These are raster machines so they scan you by bombarding you with a paper thin plane beam than pans down your body. If that beam stops, even for a few seconds then it would irradiate the cells along that plane with a massive dose. Not "pseudo science".

Comment BMW and ze Government (Score 1) 185

I was under the impression that uncle Sam bought quite a bit of controll over GM with the nasty bailout. Is onstar part of GM? This article made me dash to the BMW Assist ToS but it appears to be way more benign.

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