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Submission + - Gambler Phil Ivey Sued For Being Too Good ( 2

schwit1 writes: “The Borgata alleged that Ivey’s actions, which the casino agreed to in advance, constitute cheating. In fact, they merely constitute a gambler getting a legitimate advantage over the casino. In this age of cozy cooperation between the state and the gaming industry, that’s something that’s just not allowed.”

Submission + - Yahoo! Has Ceased To Be - Bought by Verizon, Changing its name to Altaba. 1

maxcelcat writes: Spotted on The Registers twitter feed: Yahoo! Submission to The SEC. Summary — Most of the board are leaving including CEO Marissa Mayer, the company has been bought by Verizon, and changing it's name to Altaba Inc.

I'm old enough to remember when Yahoo was a series of directories on a University's computers, where you could browse a hierarchical list of websites by category. And here I am watching the company's demise.

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