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Comment Re:I'm guessing their bluffing (Score 1) 554

It's a smart move by NASA too. Opponents like physicist Robert L. Park of the University of Maryland who said "..putting astronauts on the space station is akin to "flagpole-sitting."" make the idea of junking it seem silly. Instead of wasting his vast mental ability arguing, why doesn't he come up with a mission that would contribute to society? Instead, his brilliant conclusion to the article is "Give it to China. Let them support the damn thing."

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the absurdity of his argument. We need to squeeze every last bit of scientific data we can out of what we have up there, while we have it. It's served multiple purposes already, as stated in the article. It's advanced our views and available technologies in space. It served as posturing during the 80's, provided jobs during the following space boon, and has provided a stage for international unity. We can't back down now when we're just about to reach what we've been striving for.

But what do I know, IANAAP, I just stock food at the local grocery store.

Comment Re:Yay (Score 1) 665

Through the medium of movies? I mean, call me crazy, but imagine a modern day yarn based on religious history, but with a Hollywood twist!

I bet it would take in at least $104 million internationally opening week.

Comment Re:So do it yourself, better.. (Score 1) 324

Of course option B isn't really an option, and kudos to the employee at Google who came up with this project. I would hope once they have the digital copies scanned, they will then share with other such projects, or make available for download.

The settlement could give Google near-exclusivity with respect to the copyright of orphan works â" books that the author and publisher have essentially abandoned. They are out of print, and while they remain under copyright, the rights holders are unknown or cannot be found.

However, this part makes no sense to me. This project should be a cultural investment, for the benefit of the "greater good". After reading that excerpt, it looks more like a means to make a profit. If the copyright is expired, make it public domain. If it isn't expired, but truly abandoned, find a way to make it public domain.

No one but the original copyright holders should gain copyright to this material.

Submission + - EA Game Includes Adware

ari wins writes: has posted a story discussing the new EA/Flagship game Hellgate: London, and the adware it includes to facilitate targeted marketing. That's not all, accepting the EULA means you submit to the collection of "technical and related information that identifies your computer, including without limitation your Internet Protocol address, operating system, application software and peripheral hardware". The company in charge of all of this is Massive Inc., which is owned by Microsoft.

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