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Comment Re:Commercial "education" generally fails (Score -1) 281

Nonsense. Your entire comment is nonsense. Education is just a service and fine best for profit. The problem with the USA system I'd government in student loans - issuing then or backing them, thud removing risk from lending. Government removing risk from interest bearing loans creates a perverse effect of banks dropping lending standards, the same thing that happened with every other bubble created by government money and involvement. Housing, stock, bond bubbles are no different from this student loan bubble. It will burst but before it does the colleges will raise tuition (and they have and they are) all the time much above what a free market would bear.

The reason for the most expensive 'education' today as compared to any time before now is the ocean of money pushed into it through the student loans, by the banks who are guaranteed a return by the taxpayer or the Fed printing (doesn't matter).

There shouldn't be any government money in education, today education can be provided cheaper than ever before in history of the world, do the prices do not reflect the reality. The reason of course is that all the price signals are removed from the system by government manipulation of the money and interest, by the Governemnt violent control.

The actual free market is not allowed UB education and it should be allowed. Government should be removed from it and actually from everything.

Comment White House hesitation (Score 1) 174

The White House is hesitating over making any accusations along these lines because they know full well that if you make those accusations you'd better be able to back them up and the evidence to back them up is almost impossible to get. We may know that the Russians are behind it, but I doubt we've got the evidence to actually prove it to any acceptable standard and if we go off making official accusations without being able to prove them we're going to look like fools.

Comment Recycling fee (Score 1) 166

I don't know about elsewhere, but in California when you buy any sort of large electronics (TV, computer, monitor, etc.) there's a recycling fee added as a line item on the receipt to cover recycling the device when it's discarded. Recyclers in California should be getting paid for every device they take with money that's already been collected for that purpose. Maybe that recycling fee needs to be increased and applied nation-wide, with payment going only to those recyclers who actually recycle the equipment and can prove it.

Comment Re:The whole problem was the unneeded secrecy (Score -1) 127

Trade secrets is the correct way of protecting knowledge, afaic all copyright and patent laws need to be repealed and for a company to make money it has to show results while protecting its knowledge and processes. I don't see anything wrong with treating a product as a black box that takes inputs and produces outputs, I only care that it does what it says it does by comparing the outputs to the expected results.

Of course this theranos thing (this is the second time in my life I am hearing about it, the first time was also on /. ) is a fraud and would be identified as a fraud based on the black box testing criteria.

Early investors should be more careful than trusting that a 19 y.o. girl with no 30 years of experience in the field will deliver 'ground breaking results'. I think in most cases this expectation will end up in a failure.

Millions of dollars are gambled on a promise because the market is set up for this type of a gamble by the Fedrleral reserve bank, by the dismal economy of the USA and by the government implicit and often explicit promise to bail out failure.

So the real problem here is the loss of efficiency in the overall economy, not that the product was never delivered, it was always a pie in the sky, just like never falling housing or bond markets.

Comment Re:Tax (Score -1) 539

are they doing it with some alterior motives? strings attached? join 'our club' or else?

- 100% the government is doing getting into the business territory to control the population, to be able to exert control that actually is used to help some very well politically connected people to steal from everybody and thus to get richer at the expense of the efficiency in the society.

The government exists to steal from poorly connected and redistribute to those who are either very well connected or those who vote as the large block that provides the government with its power, that's the goal, that's the purpose of the government - to control, to exert power, to destroy individual rights and liberties. While private entities (people, businesses, which are ultimately people) can destroy your liberty as well maybe by abducting you and enslaving you, the government does the abducting and enslaving on a systemic, so called 'legitimate' level.

Draft, taxes, so called 'public' utilities, 'public' lands, anything at all that is collective is theft, redistribution, control, violence.

AFAIC every single thing under the Sun should be private if it is expected to provide any sort of value and if it is at all valuable. There should be no government whatsoever and I think the information age is going in that direction. Governments rely on fears, on nationalist ideology and on straight violence to stay in power. Information and freedom of movement remove power from the governments and they will fight against this threat to their existence but at the end will lose.

Comment Anomalies (Score 3, Insightful) 91

Pokemon Go will probably follow the same path as Ingress has. Most players will be casual, but the really dedicated will be really dedicated. They'll probably introduce something akin to Ingress' Anomalies, which'll be big cash cows as players treat them as a holiday splurge-type thing.

Comment Re: Technical Controls (Score 1) 95

Right now? The phone generally complains about the lack of encryption. Same thing that happens when you go to a site with an invalid SSL certificate.

Grandma may still click "Continue", despite the warnings, but the people who care will have the info they need to make an informed decision.

Comment Re: Which planet? (Score 0) 95

Trump will release his tax returns when the voluntary action buys him more than giving up his privacy loses.

Nobody has a right to his tax returns but the IRS, so there is no real reason for him to release them. The same goes for Hillary and her health records. The difference between the two is that Hillary's health is visibly bad, and Trump's finances are visibly good.

Comment Re:I think it's fair (Score -1) 178

Companies everywhere have regulations. It is called 'free market' and it means that anybody is free to work where they van find a job. So if you do not like Uber and its working conditions, you can always work somewhere else. If you cannot find any other job the question you should ask is not how to stop Uber from providing those jobs, the question should be: what is the system doing to prevent other jobs from existence?

The answer is obvious, the other jobs don't exist because of regulations, taxes, government manipulating money supply and the interest rates. That is the answer, because if the only company providing jobs idea company that hoesaround those regulations then competition is impossible because of the regulations.

The government completely destroyed the economy over the last 50 years with taxation, regulation, money and interest rate manipulation, thus destroying capital formation. If you want more of that, then sure, have more government. If you want an actual real economy realize the fact, the fact being that the government is the enemy, it is the force that destroyed the economy and keeps pushing it down and it needs to be removed for the economy yo restructure and rebuild with private savings and businesses.

Comment Re:What's the price of your integrity? (Score -1) 338

Labour is no different from anything else that is sold and bought for money. All of this outrage directed at businesses that are doing whatever they need to minimize costs and nobody here is outraged if they can find a cheaper deal in a store.

You are trying to minimize your daily expenses as well, so instead of eating at a fancy restaurant every day, you can eat something from a hot dog stand. Of course the restaurant owners are outraged: everybody needs to be forced to become a licensed restaurant to sell any food, nobody should be allowed to buy food not cooked by a licensed restaurant. That would be great for some restaurants.

It would be horrible for people who want to eat and don't want the expense of a fine restaurant. It would be horrible for the economy, as more and more people would be forced to go hungry.

Of-course it would also create a healthy underground black market for hotdogs.

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