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Comment Not strictly Excel's fault (Score 5, Informative) 344

Those conversions look like cases where the column type during import was left at "General" instead of being set to "Text" as it should have been, telling Excel to try and infer the actual type from the format of the column's contents. It's an awkward situation where the user should be telling Excel what the data type for each column is, but it's not strictly Excel's fault for doing what the user told it to do. IMO Excel should be either changed to not have a default type and to not allow an import until the user's selected a type for each column, or it should throw up an error if it infers different data types for a column for different rows.

Comment Re: Stop chasing the shiny (Score 1) 161

The non-replaceable batteries are more a function of being smaller and smaller. With quick charge, it's less necessary the first few years, and it's actually not too hard to replace the batteries with the right tools, or going to a shop.

As for the upgradable storage, that was more a function of the OS than anything else. Memory cards were originally mass storage devices running variants of FAT. While convenient, this caused a lot of problems - the Android security model requires processes not writing to each other's data or reading it (otherwise your games can steal credentials from your online banking, for example).

When running FAT on the memory card, any app with SD permissions could read all the files (a very bad thing), and it led to some real problems (such as very bad things being possible for users of LoJack, which included many Samsung Phones by preload. Disconnecting the mass storage would break apps that required the files on the card.

Addressing these issues first required the use of something like MTP (which uses a daemon and doesn't require exclusive access to the SD card). This makes it possible to write and read without breaking apps. Next, the card needed to be encrypted in order to protect the user data - otherwise, anyone who steals the phone can extract all the data on it. Locked boot loaders are designed to wipe the device when being unlocked for the first time, so that stolen devices aren't easily hacked.

Finally, cards needed to get fast enough to be functional as internal storage. Android marshmallow added support for external storage being treated as internal once those requirements could be met (accessible, secure, fast enough), and now we have phones that have external storage again. Apple does their own thing, but on the android side, it was more technical reasons than anything else for the lack of upgradable storage. It caused a lot of problems and took up space, so companies removed them.

You can see this with the Moto X. The X2 (second edition) took SD cards out. The pure edition added them back, using the same tray as the SIM card. Samsung's S5 had removeable batteries and external storage. The S6 took those out (for size and technical reasons). The S7 added the card back, but added quick charge instead of a removable battery, because the technical issues for the SD card have been addressed, but the size constraints stay.

Apple, on the other hand, wants to charge a bundle for more storage. They are control freaks, too, but the embedded encryption make external flash storage a viable option for them without losing that control. They may relax this requirement at some point - they finally made RAW photos an option in IOS 10, coming off external SD card. All data from an SD card has to be imported in their own app - it can't be read directly by other apps.

Comment Re: Stop chasing the shiny (Score 2) 161

The biggest advantage to buying new cars is consistency and ability to plan.

I've been running the same car since 2012. It had a catastrophic engine failure, just a little past the warranty. It cost me $8,000 to fix.

With a leased car (or a new car), I know exactly what my costs are, and if it breaks (like mine did on occasion during the warranty period), it's not my problem - it's theirs.

Comment Re:Be a Licensed Profession, folks... (Score -1) 332

Let me interject here as a business owner who hires developers to build the services sold to other businesses. So let me get this straight, you are going to prevent me from hiring whoever I want to do development and will further raise my costs? I already outsource 75% of my development work to Ukrainian developers. This will simply further increase this percentage to maybe 95% or what the hell, why not 100%?

Comment In other news (Score -1) 239

In other news the American recovery is strong, inflation is low and unemployment is down, report various government and 'independent' sources. Vote Hillary, she is like Obama (if Obama wore a skirt... Sorry, pant suit..) These 20000 will only reduce the net unemployment numbers once they are no longer with Cisco but instead are working 2-3 service sector jobs, serving coffee in the morning, greeting at your local Walmart .... Or maybe digging and filling up government ditches, since even coffee shops and Walmart jobs are getting cut. Why don't we all just continue voting collectivist, be it fascist or socialist, it worked so great up until now?

Or maybe people should try something novelle this time, like a little freedom from government "helping everybody".

Comment nuclear (Score -1) 990

none of this is relevant until we get away from batteries and instead come up with a tiny nuclear power plant that fits under the hood of a car and provides enough juice to drive it for a decade or more.

We need tiny nuclear / thermonuclear reactors. Government needs to be restrained and individuals must be freed so that we can invent in peace.

Comment Multi purpose database table fields. (Score -1) 671

Multi purpose table columns. Data base tables with columns that are used as references to fields in multiple tables depending on the context of the record (maybe on the record type).

It's ugly and in some cases it makes sense to reduce number of possible references that would have been created otherwise. I do not recommend it but it can be effective.

Comment Not yet (Score 2) 140

They won't automate software development until they come up with a system that can handle creating correct software from incomplete and partially erroneous specifications which don't remain constant between the start of development and delivery. At best they'll be able to automate some of the tedious boilerplate coding.

Comment ...Slashdot reader mdsolar quotes their article... (Score -1, Insightful) 254

Except that mdsolar is not a /. reader, he is a /. propagandist for a specific industry.

I want my nuclear powered car, a nuclear powered house and a nuclear powered business. I want nuclear and/or thermonuclear. I want a tiny nuclear reactor that I can buy and use gormy own purposes regardless of any government or any lobby group and of any popular sentiment and perception.

Comment protecting remnants of a failed economy (Score 0) 73

FBI and American court system is trying hard to protect the last remnants of a failed economy that USA is running. Left without production, manufacturing sectors, latest economic numbers showing that even the service sector jobs are disappearing the American court system and various agencies are trying their best to protect whatever is left to protect out of the old glory days of American productivity. When nothing is left, the only thing that matters is protecting the remaining crust of the former pie with all the weaponry available, that's what you are observing here.

Comment Re:There is no such thing as a "civil forfeiture l (Score -1) 166

You are technically cotrect, but you are not politically correct and the only thing that counts anymore is being politically correct.

If being technically correct counted then at least in the USA there wouldn't be any of the things that governments (federal, state, municipal) have been doing for over a hundred years.

Sherman act is also theft and also unconstitutional technically. Politically it became very much tenable though.

IRS seizing individual property, Federal reserve bank buying up any bad debt and manipulating the money supply and interest rates, States using paper and not gold as money, gold confiscation in the thirties, government 'jobs' programs, payroll and income taxes, inheritance and gift taxes, welfare used to buy the support of the voting majority by stealing from a voting minority by setting up a graduated tax system, government mandated products and services (insurances of all kinds), IFDS pretending to provide a 'guarantee' to clients of banks with the backing of the printing presses and taxes, going to wars without declaring then in Congress first, preventing certain people from employment by requiring minimum level of ability (minimum wage), all business laws that require licensing of any kind, stealing property under so called 'eminent domain', forcing government education system via taxes and mandates, etc. etc. etc.

None of those things are technically correct, the only thing that matters is political correctness.

Comment Re:Very Basic Income (Score -1) 618

Sure, all good, as long as you are the one paying for it. Count me out. Government collects taxes illegally and the taxes it collects are illegal. There shouldn't be any income and wealth related taxes.

The only legal taxes are direct apportioned and excise taxes, all other forms of taxes collected by Federal government is usurpation of power, oppression of the individual, destruction of individual freedom and of-course violation of property rights.

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