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Comment Re:Tolkien's prose (Score 1) 505

My only problem with the movies is that he changed who the main character is. It went from the hobbits' story to Aragorn's story. Which meant he had to cut out the scouring of the shire which is my favorite chapter in the whole series. I think in a lot of ways, making it the story about the king instead of the story of the little people does kinda lose the spirit of the books.

Comment Re:Sick of it... (Score 1) 1799

The only actual people I've gotten jobs from are family (did some babysitting when I was younger). Since then I've only been employed by corporations, which are not people. Those corporations also employ founders/CEOs/other executives that get paid way more money that me for some nebulous job that I have never had satisfactorily explained to me. Hell several of my friends are employed by corporations, that they are the only employee of, that contract their work to other corporations.

The people that get paid the most in the corporation that I work for did not hire me, do not know my name and do not understand what I do. My hiring involved at least five separate people (most or all I get paid more than).

Comment Re:Anonymous posts = little value. /. option idea (Score 1) 315

Depends on how you define value. The funniest posts tend to be ACs. Ignoring anonymous posts also means you miss the ones that do have value.

I'm not sure that the ratio is massively different anyway, after all 90% of everything is crap (so we are only at a 10% difference at best anyway). I do agree that the worst posts are almost invariably anonymous, but I'm not sure that losing those makes up for losing the valuable anonymous posts.

This has gotten me thinking about when I click the anonymous checkbox. Usually when I want to tell an off-color joke. And I'm tremendously tempted to do it now just for the effect, but I won't.

Comment Re:Works in MeatWorld also... (Score 1) 315

But I'm guessing the camera only works because it is rare and so provokes thought. Once they become ubiquitous, they lose their impact.

Actually, same thing with trolls. Once they reached a critical mass I started just looking through them, they become an attention tax on reading a site.

Comment Re:What About The Experts? (Score 1) 496

I wonder if it would work to have teachers evaluated based on student feedback (since they are effectively the consumers). Probably weighted by overall performance of the student in question, maybe with both extremes getting increased weighting (since really both ends need more work from teachers if they are going to be taught 'properly').

I know that I know which teachers were the most effective at teaching me. Though I'm not sure I would have voted for Mrs. Zeitlow until well after I was in her class (she was evil, and probably the most effective teacher I had).

Comment Re:Encourage Better Teaching (Score 1) 496

School priorities are still screwed up. To put this in perspective: At my school, I was a member of the Quiz Bowl and Deabte teams both. And in terms of the attention we got from the school newspaper, announcements, and so forth, it was, quite literally, about 10% of the coverage that our sports teams got.

Wait, so you actually GOT coverage of those things? I only knew that those things existed because I had either family or friends that were involved in them (and I was involved in both).

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