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Comment Universal algorithmic IQ test (Score 1) 384

“Sandra Wachter, a researcher in data ethics and algorithms at the University of Oxford, said: “The world is biased, the historical data is biased, hence it is not surprising that we receive biased results.””

The single most subversive thing that can be done in the present environment is to financially back lossless compression prizes. One such prize is the Hutter Prize for Lossless Compression of Human Knowledge — although it needs to be expanded to include all of Wikipedia. Perhaps a more immediate prize would be based on compressing a wide variety of social science data. Sandy can then show everyone how smart she is by modeling the “bias in the data” so as to better predict it — which is exactly why compression is _the_ unbiased universal algorithmic IQ test.


Comment Re: Is that really going to catch terrorists? (Score 0) 505

"Prove me wrong."

Uh, dude... you're the one asking to come to America. Immigration don't have to prove you wrong. They just have to say 'entry denied, get on the next plane home.'

And, don't forget, lying on an immigration form can get you immediate deportation and a lifetime ban.

Comment Not surprised (Score -1, Flamebait) 505

Used to be you could pretty much trust Europeans not to come to America to blow things up or murder people. Now they've taken in so many terrists and their supporters, that's no longer the case... I'm quite amazed that Britain is still in the Visa Waiver Program, because it looks more like a third-world country every time I go there.

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