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Comment Re:I don't think that this is race related (Score 1) 1078

Yeah people are claiming this was a science experiment.. seriously.. toiletbowl cleaner and tinfoil in a bottle? she didn't get that from the chemistry classroom.. and in a hallway... these things are dangerous.. had she opted to put this in a glass bottle and screw the metal cap back on like a real deviant some people could have been hurt, that hurls glass out at a pretty good clip and could easily slice some people up. She's a terrorist.

Comment Re:Lets not (Score 1) 1078

toiletbowl cleaner and tinfoil, likely not from a classroom but brought from home, along with the bottle. Had this not been plastic but glass instead a lot of people could have been hurt. This was not an experiment... why would you bring these things to school and put them in a hallway... this was a bomb and she deserves this punishment. I bet the tinfoil was torn up and molded into little balls too... She knew what she was doing and she knew what was going to happen.

Comment I'm shocked so many here vote. (Score 0) 707

Not being a registered voter in the US is the only rational choice.

1. Your single vote will never decide an election and most definitely not as we continue to use the electoral college system.
2. Do you really spend enough time to study EVERY candidate and vote for the one that most suits your politics (Libertarian, Constitution, Green) or do you just vote with the masses?
3. Registering to vote puts you into the system as a potential juror. This can cost you real time and money, more than you'd ever get back by your single vote influencing an election.

For the truly rational the opportunity cost of registering to vote is too high.

Comment Required to be revised = not superficial (Score 1) 197

Anyway, the manuscript has some flaws are required to be revised :

(1) For the abstract, I consider that the author can’t introduce the main idea and work of this topic specifically. We can’t catch the main thought from this abstract. So I suggest that the author can reorganize the descriptions and give the keywords of this paper.
(2) In this paper, we may find that there are so many mathematical expressions and notations. But the author doesn’t give any introduction for them. I consider that for these new expressions and notations, the author can indicate the factual meanings of them.
(3) In part 2, the author gives the main results. On theorem 2.4, I consider that the author should give the corresponding proof.
(4) Also, for proposition 3.3 and 3.4, the author has better to show the specific proving processes.
(5) The format of this paper is not very standard. Please follow the format requirements of this journal strictly.

Comment Re:Huge increase in total travel time (Score 2) 332

Fuel cost is only one of many things calculated in the cost of travel. Wear and tear, maintenance on a vehicle. Perhaps a 2 day trip is then stretched to 3 and you're staying another night on the road. On the road food is also typically more expensive, along with your personal time, which perhaps you enjoy driving great, but still, fuel is not the only consideration in the cost of a trip.

Comment Re:Huge increase in total travel time (Score 1) 332

You're correct I don't think 60mph on a highway is safe, but not because it's too fast. Visiting the restroom, bottle of Gatorade, whatever doesn't typically take 30 minutes. I hope these stations have a place to eat in walking distance... cause you'll be walking... and I hope there's something scenic close by.. cause you'll be walking. What I know from experience is that fueling stations off the highway don't typically have a lot going on for themselves and MOST definitely do not have anything interesting within WALKING distance.

Stick these only in scenic places with things to do? great idea, however, I highly doubt they're going to be next to a major highway.

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