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Comment Re:Tough (Score 1) 122

That's the face the US shows to the outside world, to Brazil inclusively. One thing is the American People, the other is what the US government does around the world, but the American People has to be held accountable because only them can stop their government. Now that it has been proved that CIA is interplaying with internal agencies, I hope things change.

Comment Re:US hacked Brazil (Score 1) 118

Unfortunately it was under Obama... And Obama was received with full honors in Braziil. I don't remember any other nation leader who had such an enthusiastic welcome. His visit was such an event that the teatro Municipal in Rio had people flooded outside, he was being cheered by people on the streets... What a fucking backstabber

Comment US hacked Brazil (Score 1) 118

The US Hacked Brazil (not only Petrobras, but also Brazillian Government websites) , as revealed by Snowden and by US Courts (https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/exclusive-how-an-fbi-informant-helped-anonymous-hack-brazil) and nothing happened. It was the FBI, not even the CIA! ..And we are a friendly nation to the US. I have a belly laugh every time I see americans complaining about Russia hacking your elections, EVEN if its true.

Comment wanst he trading in the FUTURE market? (Score 1) 209

I don't get it. He posted selling orders in the FUTURE, right? So, the wall street computers followed his bait, BECAUSE THEY CHOSE SO, right? How is that HIS fault? This sounds like wall street saying "you are being punished by beating us at our game" or like we say in brazil: "perdeu e levou a bola para casa"

Comment Does the mass of the device changes? (Score 1) 518

I wonder if the mass of the device changes after operating a while. Lets say the change of mass in the larger back plate is bigger than the the change in the smaller one, that would respect the conservation of momentum, and explain the thrurst (thrust will arise from the need to accomodate the difference of mass in the plates).

Comment Re:I see a problem here and it isn't Snowden/Germa (Score 1) 337

That's exactly what's happening in Brazil right now. US hacked Petrobras and disclosured only information related to the current political party in power, which has a non-US-aligned view in external affairs AND is not bending to international Multinational Corporations to weaken the work related laws. US also manipulated other local anarchist groups in protesting against government. And we are a friendly, democratic nation... like Germany! Even germany prime minister knew what was happening in Brazil in the world CUP and let a clue scape when she visited my country, Merkel said she would talk to Dilma "to understand the protests in Brazil". Both knew what was happening.. It was the US acting in both countries, Merkels phone was hacked by the US. Hell, US courts even disclosured what US intelligence agencies were doing to Brazil: http://motherboard.vice.com/re... US is waging cyber war in FRIENDLY nation. They call the hacking of GEMATO patriotism, and hacking of sony "cyber terrorism" I do not support communism, socialism or the current pary, but if I were a Brazillian authority I would issue an arrest order for US officiais in Brazil right now. My country is turning into a mess because of US actions. US throwed Brazillian goverment in a coup-de-etat supported by them 30 years ago and now they are doing it again! We are not Panama, we are a 200million nation, the 7th economy of the world. Hey forcing us to the same path they forced Venezuela in. Is there sanity in US government? I work for an american company. I love america and most people is nice and polite. But I fucking HATE the US goverment and OBAMA didnt help, despite my best hopes. Please american people, save us from your goverment, regain the power from the corporations.

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