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Comment Well In Their Defence (Score 1) 21

To be fair to them, there really aren't that many companies that want to do business with the US government and all the companies that do are probably equally as incompetent. So whether you hire this incompetent company to manage what should be some of the most secure assets in the country or another incompetent company, the outcome will most likely still be the same. It's not like there are any sort of... "laws," dictating their security, quality control or processes. Well, I guess there are, but it seems like the most profitable thing to do is ignore them and hope you don't get caught.

Comment The fastest, most bang-for-buck fixes (Score 1) 198

Go through your text, and everywhere where it says "password" change it to say "passphrase."

The password-setting step, where you have the user initialize their password, should also say "don't re-use the same passphrase that you use somewhere else." Just say it. (If users want to ignore it, fine. You can't help people who don't want to be helped.)

This doesn't fix all the problems, but it fixes the most, in the smallest amount of time/effort. One of your interns can do all this in a single morning.


After that, make sure you're hashing, but use something already invented for this job rather than trying to figure it out yourself. (This might not be a job for an intern, though I bet it could, at some places.)

Congratulations, your site is now better than the other 99.9%. We'll revisit and update these decisions in a century or two, when you're considered to be better than only about 90%.

Comment Re:Saving Money (Score 1) 249

You got a temporary offer. They will jack the prices back up to the previous level after some period of months.

Yeah, two years. I forgot to mention that. Typically, though, when Comcast gives a "temporary" deal like that in two years time that'll be standard pricing for that service level. That's the way it's always been. I just hope that I can ditch the cable box in two years.

It's obvious that tv isn't a big deal now since the local channels are coming in at 720p. They might be doing hbo/showtime at 1080p, no idea. But netflix and a-prime are better to look at.

Comment Re:Looking for the exit (Score 2) 62

A Google login, whether you get it via gmail or "G Suite", ties into all of the Android apps and keeps search history and integrates it into other Google products, and runs synchronization of most app data so they can see a great deal of what you do on the phone. About the worst that you can do is turn on device management. It will take about two days to turn off and during that time it will do its very best to force your email users to put their devices under your control. After that you apparently even have control over booting of the device. It's enough to make me want to support another open phone. Mozilla just gave up the ghost on that.

Comment Re:Saving Money (Score 2) 249

I went 100% data something like 10 years ago. Then Comcast called me up and said "hey, we'll throw in basic cable for $5/month more", so I said "fine" and took it. We didn't watch much - the kids watched Disney Channel when they were much younger but that was about it.

Then I moved and went back to a data-only plan, which went from $50/month to $70/month for some reason, I think because it got faster.

Anyway, fast forward two years and last month Comcast called me up and said "hey, for another penny each month we'll throw in basic cable plus a premium channel *and* take you up to 300Mb/sec". I said "Sounds good, I don't need the cable". Long story short, they literally wouldn't upgrade my cable speed until I'd connected the stupid cable box to my tv and turned it on.

The only good to come of it (besides the ass-kicking speed) is that when it started crapping they sent a tech out who finally figured out what I'd been telling them for two years - there's a problem in the wiring between my house and their office.

Anyway, the point is that they would not increase my speed without forcing me to get cable. At least I'll be able to get netflix on the comcast box thing soon, although I also need amazon prime and youtube to get even close to replacing a roku.

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