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Comment Re:Perhaps globalism might be in fear for once. (Score 1) 1471

So, um, why shut it down? Odd, isn't it?

LOL! Not really.

As someone else said, surely the Saudis care greatly about these issues. Their fundraising dried up - the only reason they were able to handle the 2% overhead is because they didn't need to advertise and it was a pay-for-play scheme. When the "play" side disappeared, so did the "pay" side.

Comment Re:Perhaps globalism might be in fear for once. (Score 3, Insightful) 1471

You think there's going to be ~less~ fraud and abuse under a Trump presidency?

He's got a Dept. of Education cabinet pick who blames a clerical error on her being VP of her mother's charity for 17 years, an HHS pick who passed laws to specifically help his stock picks (and I don't mean made it easier to trade stocks - he bought stocks and then helped pass laws that made those company's stock prices go up), and a pick for Sec State who wants to reduce sanctions on Russia so his former company, Exxon (they're tiny, you might not have heard of them), can get billions of dollars worth of investment off the ground there, also helping his stock prices.

Shine on, you crazy diamond.

Yes, even if all that's true it pales in comparison to what Clinton would have done.

Did you that the "Clinton Global Initiative" just shuttered operations? I mean, who could have seen that coming? You'd think since she isn't President of the USA she would have more time for her, um, charitable work. It's almost like it was a massive scam meant to give the Clintons a slush fund to live the big life on "donations" from people who wanted to buy influence. Nah, couldn't be.

Comment Re:Next up dead (Score 1) 387

The preferred alternative of pure monitor plus streaming box could be marketed as 'modular TV'.

My monitor is probably close. It's a vizio 42" UHD TV, but has no tuner. So it's not really a "TV". It does have "smart" stuff built in - hulu and such, but I can also go on my phone and open netflix, choose a movie, and then tell it I want to watch it in 4K glory on the monitor. It rocks.

It doesn't have a microphone or camera, but it does directly connect to the internet. But it actually does what I want a TV to do, which is to allow me to watch netflix and amazon content at high resolutions.

As a comparison, comcast just added netflix to the cable box that they insist I use in order to get 300mb internet, but they only show in 720p. Bastards.

Comment Re:Sounds like wrong approach... (Score 1) 158

Nah, when he was put in place, it was a backwater little desk posting, exactly like it should have been. He was literally in charge of cleaning up the physical mess left behind by the Cardassians.

Then they discover the wormhole, and Star Fleet wants to put somebody appropriate in charge, but they have to appease the locals, who now view The Sisko as the Emissary.

At least, that's how I remember it.

Comment Re:Scorpio (Score 1) 132

The Xbox used virtually bog-standard Celeron CPU and NVidia GPU; the only real special thing was a unifed memory architecture. The 360 was, IIRC, three PowerPC chips and a fairly standard AMD CPU.

The PS2, on the other hand, was custom silicon; the Emotion Engine and what not, while the PS3 was Cell architecture.

The PS1 and Dreamcast were both also fairly standard components, while the N64 was SGI custom.

Consoles are absolutely migrating towards being PCs with purpose-built cases, and backwards compatibility is becoming an expectation rather than a bonus, especially in this digital era, when you can get old titles from digital marketplaces.

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