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Comment Re:Obama has no right to do this (Score 2) 446

He wasn't 'driven out' or 'expelled,' as he had no option of staying. He didn't run for a third term, he didn't declare himself President for Life. He'd have been leaving if Trump won, Clinton won, Sanders won, Stein won, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog won, whatever.

You can't be 'ousted' unless you'd otherwise still be in the position.

Comment Re:Welcome to the Trump future... (Score 1) 457

It's sure to drop further once he repeals health care.

It's amazing how someone's already dragged Trump into this. Basically, with the crappy Obama economy depressing people plus Obamacare destroying health insurance for a vast swath of self-employed America we've seen death rates go up. So the reaction from the left is to try to change the topic to Donald Trump. Pathetic, really.

He can't repeal health care. He can repeal Obamacare. Rates went up 125% in Arizona for next year - do you really think this is sustainable long term?

Comment The original article (Score 1) 98

Makes no claims that the NSA was intercepting calls made by those people in the US, nor GCHQ in the UK. Since Air France was targeted they may have been intercepting calls made anywhere in the world.

This is, by the way, what NSA and GCHQ are supposed to be doing. Intercepting foreign (to the US and UK respectively) communications.

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