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Comment Re:Soda can... (Score 0) 163

&lt;quote&gt;&lt;p&gt;Where I drive, you simply can't leave any more distance when traffic is heavy: if you leave reasonable space between you and the car in front of you, someone will pull in. &lt;/p&gt;&lt;/quote&gt;<br><br>Why is this a problem? Just because others drive unsafely, does not oblige you to do likewise.

Submission + - Consumers indifferent to Apple's proprietary iEverything ecosystem (

another_gopher writes: The Financial Times' alphaville blog summarizes recent sell-side analysts insights into Apple future prospects. In particular, do consumers care about the operating system of their devices?

Citi declared a few weeks ago it had three equity analysts focused solely on Apple, which generated a bit of intrigue and also some ridicule.

Citi’s Yeung et al make one last and very interesting point. They are not so sure about the Apple iEverything ‘ecosystem’ (ie, proprietary approach to its software and hardware):

        We believe ultimately, key to Apple’s market share position is the company’s ability to drive consumers to its ecosystem. Our survey doesn’t support that consumers broadly find this to be important, although it is more important for Apple customers.In general consumers are indifferent with regard to having a common operating system across devices with 54% indicating that it is “Not Important.”

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